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Approximate percentages of MBTI per population

Discussion in 'Psychology and MBTI' started by arbygil, Nov 16, 2010.

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  1. According to this website (, here are the breakdowns of MBTI (total meaning entire population. Not sure if this means world, US, or people who took the test on their site):

    SJs - Protectors

    ESTJ Population
    Total: 13%
    Male: 16%
    Female: 10%

    ESFJ Population
    Total: 12%
    Male: 7%
    Female: 17%

    ISTJ Population
    Total: 8.5%
    Male: 10.5%
    Female: 6.5%

    ISFJ Population
    Total: 7%
    Male: 4%
    Female: 10%

    SPs - Creators

    ESTP Population
    Total: 10%
    Male: 12.5%
    Female: 7.5%

    ESFP Population
    Total: 11%
    Male: 8%
    Female: 14%

    ISTP Population
    Total: 6%
    Male: 8.5%
    Female: 3.5%

    ISFP Population
    Total: 6%
    Male: 5%
    Female: 7%

    NTs - Intellectuals

    ENTJ Population
    Total: 4%
    Male: 5.5%
    Female: 2.5%

    ENTP Population
    Total: 4.5%
    Male: 6%
    Female: 3%

    INTJ Population
    Total: 1.5%
    Male: 2.5%
    Female: 0.5%

    INTP Population
    Total: 2.5%
    Male: 4%
    Female: 1%

    NF - Visionaries

    ENFJ Population
    Total: 4%
    Male: 2.5%
    Female: 5.5%

    ENFP Population
    Total: 7%
    Male: 6%
    Female: 8%

    INFJ Population
    Total: 1%
    Male: 0.5%
    Female: 1.5%

    INFP Population
    Total: 2%
    Male: 1.5%
    Female: 2.5%

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    And full list breakdown -

    Alternately, check here for the United States:
  2. Waaay too much ESTJ, me thinks. lol
  3. Yeeeah, they win the food chain. :p
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    This reminds me, I think INFJs are the most under appreciated Visionary type in the job world.
  5. I think so too. It could be because people don't take us seriously enough. :(
  6. OMG I KNOW!

    I don't like STJs. No offence Kavalan <333

    But those seem spot on. The one thing that annoys me though, is how many S that fake their way into testing as an N. IT really skews the results, I feel like theres a whole bunch more S on this forum, than are making themselves known.

    [MENTION=442]arbygil[/MENTION] :

    I think NFs in general TBH, with ENFJ being the most appreciated.
  7. This statistic is somewhat depressing. I wonder what the world would be like if there were more Infjs and just more NFs in general. Bet it would a much nicer place *sniffs*
  8. Or other Ns. But it shouldn't be a big deal; this can be a safe place for people to discover who they really are. If not this forum, then where? It's okay to "fake it 'til you make it" I say.

    'Sides, if folks really want to be the "rarest type" they should check what that means for their gender. There are far fewer INTJs and INTPs than there are INFJs for females. Male INFJs and female INTJs are the rarest types.

    I think that can be true. Depends on the industry, mayhaps.
  9. Ehhh, then what would get accomplished? We need everyone. We really do. Although I would say that some industries would be better served with a preponderance of particular population groups (and ain't that a tongue twister! :D).
  10. I declare I am medium opposed to rare....
    I think rarity isn't important but being objective enough to type yourself correctly.
    I don't know about S types thinking they are N's, haven't really gotten such a strong vibe. I think those two functions are so different it is difficult to fudge between the two. I would propose that it is much easier to fudge between E and I. IMO, for I types, I think it is easy to see E as S.
  11. Absolutely, totally agree. Some people, however, like the idea of being "rare" and so they think because "no one understands them" it immediately makes them INFJ. Well, it could be that no one understands you because you're a nutcase. :D

    Seriously though, knowing oneself and one's type through knowing oneself can be the most freeing thing in existence. Why complicate things by trying to force that ol' round peg into a square hole?

    "This above all: to thine own self be true,
    And it must follow, as the night the day,
    Thou canst not then be false to any man.
    Farewell, my blessing season this in thee!"--Hamlet.
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  12. Of course we need all the types, each has their own ability in which they thrive. I just ment more NFs percentage wise.
    I sometimes wonder how it is for SJ`s, everywhere they go they always meet other SJs and must feel like they totally belong and feel understood. Whereas most NFs, especially Infjs and probably Infps too, tend to feel out of place a lot.
  13. I am honestly not convinced of percentage spreads unless it is presented in a literature paper. However, even then they don't have quite a large enough sample. It gives you a general idea though.
  14. I don't know if they have it in a paper, but it may actually exist. The samplings will always be rather small, but the samplings that do exist are probably extremely accurate because the test givers would also follow up with the test takers to confirm MBTI.

    I know this isn't a large sample (and perhaps this is too short for an actual peer-reviewed research piece) but this gives a bit of the breakdowns in food service:
  15. Yes a 10000000 times yes. God this my biggest issue no one takes me seriously.

  16. I completely agree, I mean hell, I honestly thought I was an infj at first. But that's not where my issue lies, it's with maliciously stating they are an N, than just not being aware. I don't get why people are ashamed of your type, if you an ESTJ, be one, and BE PROUD. I mean, you're an ESTJ for a reason! Don't pretend to be an INFP just because you feel they are more rare.


  17. Perhaps the perponderance of people picking peculiar personalities predisposes a propensity to populate periphery populations. Or perhaps people pick a populated path for popularity purposes.

    If people pick a personality to pose their prefered position, how many people do preferences fail to properly pick?
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  18. I've started to question the p/j contribution lately. I can feel a difference in people who come out one way or the other but the model predictions seem to be 50/50, a bad sign, IMO.
  19. I for one vote we make them put felted 'S' patches on all of their articles of clothing to properly identify them.
  20. The problem is that there's a huge bias for N over S.
    You know, Ns are intelligent, creative, focus on the big picture, ect.
    Ss are boring, have no imagination, always do the same thing over and over, focus on details, stupid, big muscles small brain, ect.

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