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Write your own description of personality type


Jan 31, 2009
This thread is for writing your own type description. It can be short or long, it
can have nothing to do with MBTI or have everything to do with it, it can be humorous
or serious and it can describe any personality type.

Because we are all different and have our own quirks, downsides and upsides,
I figured that it would be sweet describe my subjective view of INFJ personality
type and how it shows up in my personality.


INFJ's are self-conscious and spend a lot of time reflecting their identity and actions.
This gives them direction and knowledge of what they can and cannot do, what they want
from life, what's good for them and what isn’t. Although self-examination and willingness
to understand oneself may appear as self-centered, it's very powerful tool for improving
the lives of others. Knowing their boundaries prevents others for mistreating them, and
them for mistreating others. Introversion shows itself at times when INFJ's withdraw from
the world. Their life is determined by cycle of intense involvement and periods of detachment.
This time is needed for INFJ's to recharge their batteries and to let their intuition absorb
and process all the data it has perceived


It's natural for human to protect their identity in egoistic ways. It occures often
unconsciously and this may be harmful to rest of the world. Here INFJ's natural self-knowledge
and reflection come's to aid everyone around. Ni is the radar inside every INFJ that senses
corruption and ego-inflation. INFJ's are able to work on the hidden motives and the core of
personality where persons behaviour arises. That's what makes INFJ's the natural psychologists
and counselors.

When people have time to reflect and contemplate their life there can be found so
much hurt and shame, that most people would rather spend their time doing something
else than dealing with it, switch the TV on, fill mind with something else and ignore the
painful reality. INFJ's are inclined to self examination that brings out their weaknesses
which can be consciously developed. INFJ's innate urge to pursue perfection, desire to
help and mentor others, ability to process difficult matters and endless craving to improve
self is powerful mindset that is able to bring peace and comfort to the lives of their loved


INFJ's are internally obligated to take care of others and to act for the common good.
There is also the rebellious NF side and these two sides are always fighting each others
The sense of duty our Fe imposes on them and the NF's desire for unique identity, stubborness
and personal sense of knowing what's right. They have positive outlook on life and the ability
to adapt to the setbacks of life. The NF dreamyness and faith that hasn't been worn off despite
the difficulties in their life. It's the amazing ability of INFJ's to not be embittered, move on
and start all over again from clean table.

INFJ's want to bring harmony, balance and joy to the lives of others because it brings joy
to theirs. Although they have defined the right and good for themselves, They are also willing
to take other’s opinions into account, to listen, embrace and assimilate the information into their
value system if it has solid and waterproof reasoning behind it, and matches their perception
of right and wrong. INFJ's although judgers they are also one of the most open minded types
because of their intuition dominance supported by feeling reasoning.


INFJ's have the willpower to carry out the difficult and uneasy things, they don't
give up easily and want to finish the projects they've started. Despite the desire to bring
balance and harmony, they are also able to articulate their idealistic opinion and defend it,
While INFJ's attitude is relaxed they are able to shape up and fulfill serie of challenging
tasks and push their mental performance to it's boundaries. They take challenges of life as
growth process. "Every new situation has the potential to develop me to be a better person.
Each day adds life experience and every difficulty I’ve survived makes me stronger."
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cool idea


extroverted - needing other people and events to be happy
sensing- very much here and now, very aware always of how things look, taste, sound etc.
feeling - making decisions based on how you feel, and responding to others in terms of how you sense they feel. need people to understand & respect your feelings before you can trust them.
judging - needing a plan, structure, targets to meet. feeling uncomfortable with sudden change and uncertainty in regards to important decisions.





courtesy of my friend (ENTJ):

"INFJ, the breed of antichrists and messiahs."