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Write a poem for your personality


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Aug 28, 2010
I see every heart as a fountain of love that will never stop flowing so long as my heart is the aquifer that feeds into the ones I touch with my kindness.
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i initially misread this as "write a poem for your personality type" gotta remember personality and personality type aren't exactly synonymous!

anyway, that was really pretty [MENTION=3115]Animekitty[/MENTION] =) i'm kinda unsure what to say about my personality though so i'll let someone else continue this.

A Kaze Poem

I see the world; I think about it
I dream, I cringe, and quip about it

I am a part of this? How absurd!
Well then, yes, I'll think about it

Encourage me, lend me a hand
I think I've forgotten to be human

Or is it the rest?

Don't be so funny, I amuse myself
Absolute truth is conducive to health

Of course I'd take an opportunity to talk about myself. (insert monkey here)
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I dreamed a dream
And then i sought it

I pretend my life
Away in thought-its

What if i had, or would or could
I wish i knew, and i wish you would

How i think i know so well
A mind so vague
So hard to gel

With a shade
in the light
And the tip of an iceberg
In sight
I explain

It's tame
But it breathes just the same
Some cycle of me again
Just a little more
Yet insane

At least in the membrane
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How can you come from nothing ?- she shouted.
can you not feel the warmth of the sun,
the sneaky paleness of moonlight brushing against your cheek,
Shy murmurs of my heart...

How can I come from anything?-I muttered.
Can you not see I'm bound to return to dust after embracing the sun,
Pale moonlight is nothing but the consolation of this grief,
your heart only speaks in cryptic when I'm ready to exist again?

Mine doesn't make sense, lacks proper punctuation, lacks structure...lacks life.
The world is filled with so much beauty
so much it mocks me.
A haunted apparition seeking a form to define
Childish wonder perpetually animating the mind
Into the abyss, deep into this lake
Drowning in the water and grasping to stay

Bottomless doubt, skepticism reigns supreme
Disillusioning countless ill-conceived dreams
Matter tied to conceptualized lies
Hammering to shatter these chains that bind

A blood red heart that beats along
Singing the worlds loneliest song
Taking for granted these tears that stain
Dismissing all to observe what remains
teh little :mhula: wuz leik omfg no is dat zac efron
then teh lil :mhula: gut 2 :m192: cuz nooo its not zac efron its just NeverAmI
well that suckz so teh lil :m192: went 2 becum a :m142:
then every1 gut all sentimentel :m051::m042::m072::m104::m171::m027:
except dis guyz :m075: cuz he 2 nub to understend wuts goin on
then all da flower fell 2 da ground
n the teers of life started 2 take over the rainbow
then de teers of life wuz leik :m149:lolpwnt

please do not steal this. :(

(that pretty much means im an emotional moron)
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