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When functions clash...


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Mar 1, 2009
I was wondering if anyone has any experience or could enlighten me about how a person might act if they began introverting more and more of their functions.

For instance, if I as an INFJ began to use my Fi more than Fe, or another introverted trait over and extroverted.

I ask this mostly because I've taken the cognitive functions test a few times and have been rather high on the Fi and Ni, but very low on my Fe function(which I do agree with). I'm curious of a two things... Is this signs of unhealthy behavior? How would this person seem to other people?
I would imagine it would be a bad thing if you were like on a 90:10 ratio of all I versus E functions. But you could still easily function. I think a problem would arise when you loose the capaicty to use those functions. I have functions I don't like to use, but I can use them when i have to.
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