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what's up with all the questions...


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Aug 20, 2009
INFJ again
How can you keep up with answering to all these questions, and with reading and processing all the answers?

Do you just answer them and move on? Do you truly read all the answers and do you concider them and maybe even alter your own perception because of them? And how do yoou process them, do you think them over, do you feel them out, ...?

A lot of questions again :shocked::D ...

to keep it short: what do YOU do with all these questions and answers and are they somehow usefull to you?
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I read a question and move on to the next question while thinking of the first, sometimes thinking about two or three at once. When an answer hits I'll post. Sometimes I'll glance at an answer which invariably causes a different reflection in my mind and obviously that has to change what would have been the original answer somehow. Sometimes I read the question and an answer is already forming, in this case I go ahead and answer it like with your question Morgain. :)
questions and answers to questions, i don't really reflect on them too much. sometimes if they bring new information to light or pose a new perspective i hadn't thought about before, then it might change my pattern of thoughts a little bit. but otherwise, not really.
I ask questions and seek answers to acquire enlightenment and wisdom. Ever answer changes the way I view the universe, even if it is by a small amount it does. As I have stated before to " shine a light into the mere darkness of just being" and to help others- especially with the wisdom I acquire- is my one of life's primary journeys. Wisdom helps me to help others and to become a better person, and that means a lot to me. I also believe that wisdom is not just primarily in the answers obtained, but in asking the questions themselves and the quest to an answer. This is the distinction I draw between knowledge and wisdom- knowledge is what you understand about the universe, while wisdom is the understanding of the universe. And asking questions and finding answers can increase both. The purpose of knowledge and wisdom, as I see it, is to improve your existence or someone else's in some way- including somewhat unconventional ones. Vision is a method of growth and wisdom and knowledge are, at least to me, integral to visions, and thus one's growth.

Bryan Magee said:
There are no final answers but there is an awful lot to learn

At the same time, I keep in mind the above principle to help keep an open mind
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simple: i don't keep up with them.
i read the ones that look interesting or useful, for me personally. I answer them if i feel i have something semi-decent or helpful to say; if not, i try to excercise restraint.
the thing is that each person has their own motivation for reading and responding to what they do; very few, if any keep up with it all. that's just like life.
Sometimes I will read the OP and respond, sometimes I will just read the OP and a few following comments and then leave. But I also have the tendency to skip past responses and just read the comments of those people I am more inclined to read. :m122:

As for people responses, I'm not sure. Sometimes I will find one that I will stop to consider, perhaps even altering my thoughts. For the most part they don't really affect me though, sometimes they even kinda annoy me.