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What type of human are you? Test

Goody Two Shoes

You scored 74% Do Gooder, 64% Drive, and 100% Intellect!

Aw, don't be hurt by that. You're a good person...very nice and helpful to others, always lending a hand. Always, always offering to lend a hand, even perhaps when it's not called for. Oh, and is that your raised hand in the air again? Why not let someone else answer next time? But seriously, there should probably be more people like you in the world. Super-smart, driven, and warm-hearted. There would be many less problems in the world if there were more like you, and you should be proud of that. Just don't forget a little 'me' time now and then, you deserve it.
Sister Mary DoGood
You scored 76% Do Gooder, 42% Drive, and 57% Intellect!
You are truly a kind, warm, and caring person who loves others (especially fuzzy bunnies), but your fault is that you don't really get out there and do stuff yourself. You're more apt to lend an ear or a shoulder than do get something concrete done...which is to say that you're a bit lazy. But you manage to keep yourself amused and you're definitely not a stupid person which is nice. Get thee to a nunnery...you can get lots of reading done and pass on those good thoughts.
This is so Me

Why do I always get results that say I am sociable? I am not. They always say I'm nice and sociable. I see only flaws. There is an error somewhere here.

Me too!