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What kind of headphones do you like?

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Sep 28, 2009
What kind and why? :smile:

- full size headphone
- compact headphone
- small clip ons
- in-ear
- earbuds

And do you like BASS ?
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I found a sale today and there is a full size which is digital stereo, with enhanced acoustic and strong bass
It seemed good to me at the time, I am going to listen to something that has a lot of specific sounds I might need to hear.. but I just started to wonder that I might not like bass at all if it's that sound that kind of thumps out of giant speakers at parties and clubs. Booming. The sound vibrates through the whole place and into your body. I remember not liking that experience.. and am now thinking of just using this plain, dainty headphone because it doesn't have this bass option and also has a foam covering for the ears which in my experience is more comfortable than the ones that looks like it's made of leather (the full size bass one has leather)
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Those look like in-ear, am I right?

I don't like the feeling of shoving things in my ear (@_@;
I tried my brother's -they hurt after a while and fall out when I'm lying down.

And the ones that lie just inside your ear (but not in the ear-hole), I've never found one that stays in my ears
They're in-ear, yes.

The bass transfers mostly mechanically, rather than relying on the puny speakers, like most earbuds.

Bass response is pretty incredible, for $15 earbuds.
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full size
because they have the best sound

i don't divide music to genres and authors, so this is very hard for me to answer truthfully
I usually prefer ear-buds, but I would like to try in-ear headphones. I also prefer larger "studio monitor" headphones. I had a pair of Sony MDR-V150's that I used with my computer, but unfortunately they recently broke. I would really like to try a pair of those noise canceling headphones, especially those Bose ones.
Sony MDR-7506

They're a studio standard for a reason.

Anything else is, to me, less.

i cant do without headphones. i used to have a set of grado ones which sounded gorgeous but the foam ear cushions were horrendously uncomfortable. after they went to crap (cant remember exactly how) i had a couple of different sets of full size sennheisers. they dont compare to the grados but they get the job done at a reasonable price and my current set have been very durable, i use them for my computer. for my phone when im out and about ive got a set of in ear ones, westone universal monitors and theyve given me hundreds of hours of pleasure, i also find the in ear style effective at shutting out irritating surrounding noise especially the foam or flange type. before these for being out of the house i had some cheap in-ear sennheisers but the westones take things to another level, the sennheisers just arent in the same category. but there is hundreds of dollars difference in the price!!! there isnt anything like good quality headphones if you love music, they really are worth the money if you can afford them. my willingness to spend money on them is only limited by my actual means, if money were no object i really would have the best it could buy. but the westones are a pretty sweet compromise.
ps i love bass but increasingly more important to me is fidelity in the mid and high ranges. i really love listening to the nuances of fine female vocal performance and instrumental performances too, and in cheaper headphones that focus on bass these elements have little definition, they are drowned out by the distorted bass noise.
pps., i think with higher end headphones i recommend buying from an authorised dealer that offers a warranty, although it might seem significantly more expensive, because despite their quality i found after some unhappiness and some research that these are delicate beasts and small errors easily happen in their manufacture.
I like full size headphones that cover my ears. I'm not really any kind of audiophile though.

And yes I like bass. Especially sub bass. But I don't like these bass oriented headphones that really just try to make up for something that headphones just aren't good at doing. Puny little speakers just can't do sub bass very well but full size headphones do it better than anything else.

I have some ear buds that I use for my DS some times, I test them now and again and on some music that I listen to the bass is just not audible at all. It sounds empty and washed out.

My Sony headphones have response that goes down to 20 hz so they can at least put out a little sub bass and the fidelity is not so bad. They don't really wash anything out or overpower anything too much. They aren't studio quality or anything but I find them good enough to enjoy things.
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im not knowledgeable in the way that a real audiophile is, but like many others who are not audiophiles i do truly love music, and have spent a lot of time choosing what kind of headphones im prepared to commit to, and i will definitely spend just as long on it again next time i buy a new pair.

i love reading what people say about their different experiences with headphones... great post sprinkles

This is what I use to test head phones.
I use full-sized headphones for home and travel. My headphones MUST have noise reduction. As a bassist, I love to have audible and toned bass, if the bass frays or won't hold the tone I won't buy them.
Many people think beats are great headphones, but I assure you most people who buy them are wasting their money, a decent pair of headphones at best-buy will be much cheaper and sound almost identical if not better.
-Always try on your headphones for a long period of time to test how they feel on your ears. Nothings worse than getting a new pair of headphones and discovering that they make your ears sore after wearing them for an hour or two.
great song, sprinkles.

I prefer in-ear, but I have headphones for my home system. I trust AudioTechnica for headphones and Etymotic for in-ear devices.