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What is good about INFJ foresight?

Genuine foresight has been replaced with standard answers from legal codes and religious texts of a variety of sort. Some of these are more antiquated than others, more corrupted by the influence of power than others. But there is still wisdom in religious texts, buried deep down under the centuries of manipulation, at least in my opinion. It takes patience and free thinking, but it's there. That wisdom is probably the fruit of their foresight.

Good post, but I wanted to agree with that last statement you made and add to it from my Father's perspective. He stated we should not forget their hindsight, too, that was added to their way of seeing things so well.
In a group there are usually more of the other types than the infj; hence, we cannot forget their part in the play.
I wish I was a little better at Ni. My Fe can overpower it at times, and then I care more about what people are thinking - and I become a walking *disaster.* Ni works best for me when I'm not thinking about it. If I try to hone in on it and concentrate using Ni, it's like trying to hold onto water; it slips through my fingers.

That's why I *need* to meditate, though. If I don't, I don't give myself the freedom to dream and use my intuition more often (as I should!).

Trying to think about it generally switches to Ne, and that is one of our least effective functions as INFJs. According to Beebe's and Berens' theories on cognitive orders Ne is our 'opposing' function, and is the one that deceives us the most. If they are correct, then the more we try to come up with the right answer, the less likely we are to find it.

Ironic really.
That funny; I have a strong Ne function according to the cognitive function test, but I don't usually have a problem with it...
This thread is interesting specially because I tend to use this function many times. However, lately I've tried to ignore it because it's "telling" me to do things that would probably lead me to no good or maybe it will drive me to the right direction, who knows.
I use my foresight more for immediate things: which way is that car going to go, do I know how to do the rest of this math problem (and thus skip it), and what will be the result of this joke/comment.

To elaborate more, while driving, I can tell what people are trying to do. "OK, this person is gonna merge; I'll give her some room. Oh, there she goes."

During conversation, I get random things to say. I can play it out in my head and see what would happen if I said it. Usually, I don't say it because people would say, "What are you smoking?" or, "That's retarded." ...but if it is a good comment, I'll definitely say it.

...and then, of course, several women have hit on me recently (I think), and I didn't follow through because I thought their personalities didn't mesh with mine. I probably didn't get to know them well enough.