What do you do to recharge?


What do you do to recharge?

How do you get yourself ready to take on the next project, task, job, or opportunity, after you've finished the last?

Any special routines or strategies to psyche yourself for the next thing on your list?
Depends on how long we're talking. If we're talking breaks after a month long project, usually a game or a book will do.

Shorter tasks are best handled by extra sleep, if they're draining enough.
I Take a 30min shower, and let my ideas flow on how I should do my next task. After that, I meditate for an hour and do what needs to be done afterwards.

If the task is short-term one, I try not to take a break because I run under the risk of losing motivation to do it. My energy is constantly fluctuating and I need to take advantage of it if I'm on a running spree.