What books are you currently not reading?


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I read somewhere that INFJ's have loads of books,projects that they have hanging around whilst under the impression that they are going to get to read them / do them at some stage. I definately fall into this category with self-help courses and books stored in quite a few places.When I do start reading I also often read 2 or 3 books at the same time, a chapter of one tonight and something else tommorrow tonight..Generally though I seem to find it harder to read lately.Maybe this post is a "self-kick up the arse," or maybe I just need to find some more interesting books.

Are you a reader or do just like to look at them?
Total reader. I have two or three books that I am currently reading scattered throughout the house. Bathroom, bedroom, livingroom. My hussband makes lots of fun of me cause he doesn't understand how I can keep up with them all.

It's just like a TV series. You watch different episodes of several different series but you aren't confusing them with each other. It works the same way with books.

I'm a very fast reader too. It's no problem for me to finish a 200-400 page book in a day (if not less). Although if its a newly released long book (like any of Jacqueline Carey's books) I'll read non-stop until it's done cause I can't put it down. Usually, I have to be so tired I can't focus on the words to paint the story in my mind before I give up and go to sleep.
There is so much I would like to read and learn about but never seem to find the time to do so.