Variations of Rock Music


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So we have a Variations of Metal thread so I figured we should have one on the variations of the genre Rock as well.
It could also be noted that Rock lead up to the developement of Metal. So where do we draw the line between -hard- rock and Metal?

Either way, go ahead and share your favorite Rock songs/videos ^^

I'll start with Led Zeppelin - Whole Lotta Love:
I'm a big fan of The Who.




This is one of my best infj-directed-at-infp statement videos on my memory.
My fav The Who song

And another awesome song by BOC

I'm a bigger Grunge fan but I'll leave it up to Pristine on whether or not those should be in this thread.
OMAAGASH haha I love BOC SO MUCH :D (Blue Oyster Cult)

The beloved song that saved my soul was 'Don't Fear The Reaper' by them <3<3 ^^


Go ahead and put any type of -rock style- in here. Grunge is inspiried by rock and is heavily influenced by it if I'm not wrong? ^^
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Pearl Jam's W.M.A. Not a big lyrical song, but the bass and drums on this one are excellent. I find the more I listen to Vs. the more I like it. Almost more than ten.

Next up is Machinehead by Bush.

And a bit of progressive to finish it off. Rush's Red Barchetta.