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The Race of Gods


May 26, 2008
Let's say there is a race of Gods, and that they are beyond human
knowledge and understanding, but they do have the abilities to
affect humans when and if they want to.

Do you think these Gods learn from the humans?

Do you think they enjoy interacting with the humans?

How do they feel when humans die or are in terrible suffering?

If there were such Gods (read Gods as both genders and possibly
some of them as being both genders in one) where do you think they
would reside?

Do any of you think or feel that such as these (or Angels) have affected
your lives? Do they appear to you sometimes?
Is this just an imagination exercise?
awe jeeze my brain hurtssss now....what was the question? :m100:
Isn't everything argueable? :)

Well, I can't argue that!
More like,

killed the thread.
Awwe the thread is not dead. Some say (was it Frederick Nietzsche that said that god is dead?) Me personally? I think that Nietzsche went mad. It's not always good to parody or pretend to be any of the gods, Or, so I have heard. Unless you are one. Then I think it is better. May the race of gods do as they wilt with me if I am wrong in this. I trust to their council. Anyhow, I don't think the thread has at all been killed unless one of the mods decides to lock it, like I see sometimes some of them have done to other threads here. I suppose they have their reasons, but playing god can be dangerous. Ask Nietzsche!
(Who is DEAD now?) I hear it said that if you fuck with the gods, you won't like the outcome. Just saying.
HEH, I'll play along. I'm good at killing threads toooooooooo!

I think God's perfect objectivity could render him almost impotent. How do you punish when you have the ability to see EVERYTHING? How do you punish the murderer when you look at the seed of yourself in his dark heart? When you see the rocky path that left blood on his hands. You throw free will into the equation and it gets even more difficult. I think mostly God probably just wants us to STOP and LISTEN. The answers are all here, and we're born with all the tools we need in life.

Just my hungover two cents.
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If these gods are anything like the Greek gods, I do not want to meet any of them. Almost everyone who interacts with a Greek god has a bad experience, usually when they do nothing bad.
I think that angels have little interest in us, from a curiousity point of view, because their superior knowledge is too complete to learn anything from us. But interest is probably more along the lines of good or bad will towards us.