The Power of the Kindred-spirit


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Right now, this moment, I am going to say I love this forum. You all know very well how I feel and you know I have trepidation expressing this as well. I (we) are so freaking gun shy. Der, keep getting shot! INFJ terminators assemble. Ok, wonderful tangent introduction.

Since joining this forum millions of years ago, (what is like two weeks?), it has been leveling, balancing and the like. I felt a kindred spirit today, but one like that is very old. My question is do sensing types get that as much? I guess. Do I care today? Not one bit. My emotion will speak now a little more candidly. In some ways, feels like family. Or like fellow-aliens on the earth and we found each other. Yea, you know what I mean jelly bean :)

Perhaps, since we're all old souls, kind of an oxymoron, the familiarity, the counsel, insight, epiphanies, empathy and so on is pretty deep. Very poor description at the end. I think on purpose.

The best part is you're (plural) going to get this. And...I know you are. Vunderful. It's like dropping that purple die into the water. Osmosis. Ah, another topic. I think that is what it is. I will be posting again. Shoot me.