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The Pope called my Dad.


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Oct 30, 2009
[h=2]What is a participle phrase? A participle phrase is a participle with attached words. Because it is a verb form, a participle may take an object:[/h]Hearing the shouts, I swung around.[the noun shouts is the object of the participle hearing]

The snow drifting deeply over the fields covered the deer's tracks.

The dog eating the geraniums belongs to my neighbour.

Peering at the map, I tried to find the street name.

Wrapped in foil paper, the parcels gleamed in the firelight.

Have you read this novel written by Rohinton Mistry?

Trees blown down by the wind blocked the road.

My aunt lives in a stone cottage built by my great-grandfather.

I traced this cousin through an address found on the Internet.

Take the sentence below and insert a participial phase to "modify it". Then leave a simple sentence for the next player to "modify".

The Pope called my Dad.
My brain hurts...
Still dont get it...
oh oh oh I remember this

can I try

The Pope, bishop of Rome, called my dad.
The Pope and the bishop of Rome molested my dad after they called the altar boy.

Edit: Did I do it right?
The Pope and the bishop of Rome molested my dad after they called the altar boy.

Edit: Did I do it right?
no, [MENTION=1848]Barnabas[/MENTION] should have left you a simple sentence for you to modify.
man pet dog
Appreciating canine loyalty, man pet(s) dog.

The plane seemed to vanish.
The overweight plane would later from the sky after seating one too many obese Americans full of McDonalds.

(I tried, the examples in your post are more confusing than helpful by the way)
The plane, overflowing with obese American McDonald's regulars, seemed to vanish.

A woman sat still.
The nearly depleted sun shone.

On a monkeys back.
I don’t mean to imply that it was intended, but I’ve been pondering the fact that a thread like this is a perfect place to draw out the grammar Nazis.

Anyway, I can’t do anything with this…Because of this…
A shadow on a monkey's back.
A shadowy figure on a monkey's back
A shadowy figure on a monkey's back looked at him and he felt his blood turn to ice.

Dunno ok?

The matter of the confusion was dark matter...
The matter of the confusion, from which ultimate clarity arose, was dark matter.

She reluctantly submitted.
she reluctantly submitted, to her heart.

I have found no peace.