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The Holy Grail of the Unconscious


Sep 16, 2009
Carl Jung has a book that is about to finally be published, here is the story:

In the Red Book, after Jung’s soul urges him to embrace the madness, Jung is still doubtful. Then suddenly, as happens in dreams, his soul turns into “a fat, little professor,” who expresses a kind of paternal concern for Jung.

Jung says: “I too believe that I’ve completely lost myself. Am I really crazy? It’s all terribly confusing.”

The professor responds: “Have patience, everything will work out. Anyway, sleep well.”

I will be reading this book, to say the least.
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wow.. looks interesting.
I'll probably be getting myself a copy if i can find it in bookstores here.
MY GOD!!! I'm late, I just found out about this but it's AMAZING!!!!

It's our of order on amazon, until december, but I'm ordering it right now... It looks absolutely incredible... Have you seen the pictures in the article?

People have been waiting for so long to see this! I've always found it so intriguing!! This is the pinnacle of the crossroads between psychology, spirituality, and art. Well, at least it's what it's promising to be, and given the reviews it seems to be holding its promises!! I can't wait to have it!!!!! Best christmas present ever!!

I'm so f*ing excited!!!!!!
I wants it.
I'm thrilled.
I've been spending too much time on Sickipedia. This isn't what I thought it would be at all...
Why oh why so expensive? :m079:
because it's huge, and has over 200 illustrations!

But yeah... it is expensive