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Feb 10, 2010
This question is mostly for the men of the forum, but has anyone heard of the book "The Game" by Neil Strauss? What are your thoughts?
ahhhh i just lost the game. thanks.
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I'm going to go ahead and put the e-book down as a book mark to read when I get the chance. But in the mean time good sir I have to bite my thumb at you because you just made me lose The Game!
lol, thats funny. that wasn't even my intention and it didn't cross my mind, but now you guys just made me lose the game :p
Have heard about it. There's even a newish copy in one of the local charity shops for about a quid. Don't have any desire to read it, though. I'm more interested in books like Robert Bly's 'Iron John', (the male equivalent of Clarissa Pinkola Est
Yeah I read it. Read other things too. It's not really the kind of thing for the types of people that you would find on this forum. In concept, learning how to meet new random people can be great if that's what a person would like to do. But, the pickup community has more an attitude of conquest and superficiality, as do most women actually in my very subjective opinion. I suppose it works out in an unexpected way.
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Yes , and the teachings work well with most women, just not IN** or ENT* types...

You've then got to give love, affection and entertainment to get them. Different style and attitude altogether.
I would never try pickup like that in my life, but I read about half of the book when my friend loaned it to me, and I looked at it from more of a sociological/psychological standpoint. I'm interested in just about anything that helps me understand people better, and I'd consider the book and the concept almost as fascinating as MBTI, it really seems to reveal a lot of things about how the mind works. maybe I'm looking at it in too positive of a light, but I like to find the good in all things