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The Competencies

Discussion in 'Psychology and MBTI' started by Satya, Dec 13, 2009.

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    There are 5 fundamental competencies...

    -Informational competence: the most basic competence includes awareness and knowledge of the world

    -Intrapersonal competence: is the ability to work within groups

    -Interpersonal competence: is the ability to work with individuals

    -Interventional competence: is the ability to develop and utilize skills

    -Intellectual competence: is the ability to effectively utilize informational competence, intrapersonal competence, interpersonal competence, and interventional competence to create and implement ideas and solutions

    Which competencies do you think the INFJ specializes in? What are the INFJ's weaknesses? What about other types? How do you develop your competency in each of these respective areas?

    Personally, I get rather annoyed when people think their own informational competency is the end all. They believe their own personal beliefs, values, and world views are all that is important. They don't think with intellectual competency because they don't want to understand how other individuals or groups might think differently. They are so immersed in their own worldview that they can't cooperate or compromise with those groups to find practical solutions. They never develop the empathy, critical thought, innovation, and diplomacy necessary to creating and implementing ideas and solutions, because they are so absorbed in pursuing their own interest.

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