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thank you, luck


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Jun 11, 2010
you put me in America with enough food and money to comfortably live my life.

i just saw this documentary about little kids drinking mud out of a dirty plastic bottle and eating clay because there was absolutely nothing else.

anyone here probably can agree with me that we could be someone with a horrible life, struggling in millions of different ways but instead we are the free and happy.

today i was sitting in mc donalds watching the people dump a bunch of old fries into the trash can thinking "i would eat those." after that documentary i feel selfish for eating anything at all...

so this thread is to give thanks to god (if you exist), my father, and america (where i live), for giving me everything i have. even though its not EVERYTHING, i am thankful for just being lucky and you should be too

what are you guys thankful for?
youre totally right man, im thankful for that awesome post!
For living in Australia.

Where atheists can become federal leaders.
I'm torn on being thankful that I can experience the things I do, but realize that my experiences come at the expense of many of the people you described. I can wear the clothes I do and eat the food I do because people around the world are being exploited for my benefit.