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Talking heads on the idiot box...


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Sep 16, 2009
So as luck were to have it the forum went down and I went Facebooking...
And be warned this is somewhat long

In the process I found a nice rant-in-the-making of how people's rights are being abridged in the media... pertaining to Glenn Beck.
My love for Glenn Beck can be summarized by John Stewart in this link

But I was willing to do a little leg work to figure out whats going on. The story goes as per FOX news is that Obama told CNN and MSNBC to not follow FOX's lead. The reason for it was that Glenn Beck was taking shots at one of the aides in the White House for liking Mao Zedong as a political philosopher. The kicker is I only find this story on FOX's site so I've come to the conclusion FOX is just hurt they got called out for being belligerent... again...

I then post said link as they are raving at how glorious Beck is. And it seemed to fall on deaf ears. This has been a growing trend on both sides to just listen to the talking heads like Olbermann and Maddow on MSNBC and O'Reilly and Beck on FOX. The most damming as of late was that a women was brutally murdered two towns over from where I grew up and most of the sheeple that follow these talking heads didn't even know about it... to put this into context I know about it and I'm 2400 miles away and these sheeple are but 20 minutes away...

I guess I'm just really angry that our major sources for news and politics has been boiled down to a couple pundits spewing inflammatory garbage for hours on end...

here's the response that kinda sent me over from this young lady and led to this rant:

"glenn beck is amazing but that is not my focus. my main focus is that certain rights are being taken away all because of someone not liking what someone else has said...kind of like a playground tiff. and the only reason the white house and obama are doing this is because they are scared because our commentators such as glenn beck are a threat because they are right and they are the voice of the people. the gov't is afraid that we will rebel"

Honestly I think Beck was/is out of line and some journalistic integrity is needed in the media... I think it's a sad day when the Daily Show wins awards FOR journalistic integrity and yet the main stations don't
Fox News isn't actual news. The chick who thinks Glenn Beck is amazing is off her rocker.
Fox News isn't actual news. The chick who thinks Glenn Beck is amazing is off her rocker.

Yea the fact I was pretty much ignored affirmed it. And I forgot to put in context of that murder was that these people were more interested in bitching about Obama's Peace Prize and didn't know of it. That floored me.
Fox "News" and MSNBC are not "news" as much as they are partisan commentary.

That being said, I'll take MSNBC over Fox any day.