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Is anyone else on here a synesthete? Synesthesia is a cross wiring of the senses and there are many different types. In my case, I see colours (which are always the same) when thinking of numbers, letters, names, days of the weeks, months of the year etc.... I also see them set out (usually) in zig zags. Musical notes also have colours and the sound that different instruments make have colours. I also seem to associate feeling ill with objects and places. For example when I was a child I was painting scallop shells when I started to get a stomach bug. Still to this day when I see a scallop shell it makes me feel extremely nauseous. There are some people who associate names, places or numbers etc with tastes (often foods from childhood)....

Just curious as to whether any of you are synesthetes....... :meyes:

I see colors as a part of strong emotions. It’s tough to put into words, but I think of people as colors if I’m around them enough for my reading to produce colors of emotion. It doesn’t happen unless I get a strong read. When I’m home, I use colored lights to help offset the emotional colors I’ve experienced during the day. I’m sure it sounds weird to do this, but the colored lights really help bring my mood back to neutral.
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