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I want those of you who can to read this article. It may take you a bit, but if you have the time and inclination sit down with it. It's written by a writer of books and literature whose been around for some time.

What I want you to do is to respond. I want to hear what you think and what you feel about this man. Get down the visceral guts of it.

I fully expect most of it to be disgust, but I want to hear other things too and I know they exist for some of you. Analyze and break down what you feel about him.

Lets hear how this article makes you feel. It's called 'Why I slept with 1300 women'.'s late here in Florida, I'll give a better response tomorrow until then just wow....
His writing style comes off as far more intelligent than his sentiments and claims.

I was much more bothered by the first half of the article than the second. He wrote a lot of presumptive nonsense about how everyone else thinks and feels about love, sex and monogamy the same way he does. In reality, he's the odd one.
I don't really think I'm the intended audience of this thread, I don't really find myself caring all that much what he does with his life since he's not hurting someone who hasn't already made the choice to hurt/exploit/do whatever she's doing. Anyways...I'll quote some interesting things.

Horsley said:
There should always, no matter what, be politeness. It is the way the outside world should work, selfishly but honestly.

Commendable that he doesn't exactly seem them as filth or trash. Also, later in the article it gets to this, but it's already apparent that he gets off on the thrill that it's illegal.

Horsley said:
The great thing about sex with whores is the excitement and variety. If you say you
Actually, I'm really not that disgusted. I disagree with his perspective, but I think I understand it.

I think that sex in general is a negative thing, but I would agree that it's more "honest" to pay for it than to beg/seduce women into doing it for free outside of relationships. At least they get something out of it, then. Although I do still believe it's best to for sexuality to be in the context of a relationship (not necessarily marriage).

It sounds as if he is probably an extreme T of some sort. He doesn't enjoy relationships because he has to let people into him on a personal level, and personal investments (F) make him VERY uncomfortable. On the other hand, he still has a strong desire for sex, and feels the need to indulge his sensual and passionate side that enjoys variety and risk-taking. Prostitution just so happens to be set up in such a way that it fulfills all of his needs. Especially the need for sensual variety, which would be difficult for him to fill otherwise.

I would say that from how he describes it, prostitution as we know it... is his paradise. At least until he grows a person and feels limited by it, which I think is unlikely to happen any time soon, extreme as he is. It's possible that he developed this way from being born into a rich family that wasn't very close.

I suppose I would have to concede that for someone like him... prostitution is the best thing. I really wouldn't begrudge him the right to engage in it, as long as the women have a choice about participating.

It seems wrong somehow, but not really disgusting. Just personally stunting in some way, a bit self-destructive. That's the thing about it that bothers me most.
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It feels like Patrick Bateman. >_>; And, kinda ENTJ-ish, or at least developed into one.

He's.... I would say he has an insight about this world; on a pretty cynical, 'take it or leave it', 'as it is' kind of view, yet on the other hand he also reject previously established norms (monogamy, for instance). His views, strangely, are understandable. It's a cynical polyamourous view taken up to eleven, but I can see where he's coming.

And the fact that he's sympathetic towards the prostitutes he's sleeping with is a good plus. Even though I considered him seeing them as a simply a good object of art, no less; but I got a feeling he doesn't see other human in better light either.

And not to sound NF-like, but he's hiding something. Not necessarily a deep wound that the Power Of Love™ will heal, it might simply be experience. But it's showing in the form of.....not hatred; indifference. A certain casual feel about life. He loves his freedom. His DANGEROUS freedom. And he seeks love that elevates that. And his way of thinking rotates beyond that. (This, is what I feel the key)

Different, but I won't say it's wrong. Or God forbid, disgusting.

And he's got a big ego, such a big ego.

And I gotta say this... come for the article, stay for the comment section.
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What does he mean "And I care about them so much I don’t want them to be made legal."?

The idea that illegality makes something more appealing is utterly foreign to me.

Ludic lovers like him make no sense to agapic lovers like me.
When I have dinner every evening in Soho I always think: isn’t scampi delicious—what a pity it isn’t illegal.

I'm amused. I appreciate that sentiment, whatever he's applying it to--food or sex.
I don't agree, but it's interesting.
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This guy just looks like he is using sex as a drug. It is probably very useful for avoiding many problems he would face in his life if he wasn't given to providing excuses based on what he does. Bashing monogamy for example.

Clearly many people would enjoy a life like his, but not all would. Society isn't completely arbitrary, meaning that some of us do want things that are more socially acceptable. For those of us who do want those things (a monogamous relationship, children, etc.), what he says doesn't help us. I really don't care about such a lifestyle. I would expect sex to get better after doing it with the same person for a period of time; you can practice, try new things, get to know how to please each other specifically. That might just be because I'm weird though.

Also, would someone explain to me the deal with liberals in white suits?
Most everyone here has suggested he has “issues” and I would agree. He sounds like he’s on the low end of the scale of Antisocial Personality Disorder.
He comes across as being scared of women - then hates women – unless they are objects of his sexual obsession – then they’re his saviors. Perhaps his wealthy mother treated him as an object too.
He is addicted to sex. As any drug addict can tell you they have a love/hate relationship with the drug and the provider of the drug.
He’s addicted to risk taking. (Reminds me of Borderline Personality Disorder – which is uncommon in men). Hence the “please don’t make it legal” sentiments.
I personally don’t care about prostitution. I do think it’s a waste of tax payer dollars to make it illegal and to do the occasional politically motivated “sweeps” of cleaning up the streets. Which is what happens down here in the Bible belt. Or else they set up someone they want to disgrace in public and try to catch a politician with his pants down. Hahaha.
I am not disgusted with this individual’s behaviors. I think it’s perfectly fine for him. He keeps women employed and he’s not preying on the women who ARE seeking monogamy. Also – antisocials have a tendency to wreak havoc and pain in people’s lives when they aren’t getting what they need. Best to let this one continue on with what he’s doing. The bonus is that he will not have offspring – and I’m all for not passing on the disorders to the next generation.
With the huge population that we have now on the globe – I predict we will see more and more of this kind of behavior. Surplus bodies creates a cavalier attitude about being human and humans in general. Don’t’ worry about “that” one – there’s always more where “that” one came from.
I don’t confuse having sex with someone as being intimate and loving them.
On another topic - Does sex get better with your long time partner over the years? Most definitely Yes! If you have trust enough to bring adventure and play to the bedroom – it just gets better and better.
Sorry to pop your disgust bubble Chessie. People have a wide range of dark behaviors on this planet and this guys actions seem tame compared to some.
And yet 1300 women were willing to sleep with him. Granted for his money but that changes nothing.

It's a mutual decision between him and 1300 women and I can't see it as being anyone else's business but their's.

What exactly am I supposed to be disgusted by? That a guy's had more sex than me or has more money than me?