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Spirituality & Religion - The Difference


Permanent Fixture
Sep 4, 2008
Da Blob of Intpforums said:
"A religious person follows "god's" laws - A spiritual person follows His spirit.

A religious person is limited to the Concrete - a spiritual person revels in the Formal

A religious person is a social identity - a spiritual person is a personal identity

A religious person is bound by tradition - a spiritual person is bound by Love

A religious person has second-handed experiences, a spiritual person has his or her own

A religious person uses god for selfish purposes, a spiritual person uses God to discover purpose

A religious person views change as a threat - a spiritual person views change as the fulfillment of a promise

A religious person has a religion - a spiritual person has a relationship"

I feel the it's not as black & white as that however he does bring up some good differences.

What do you think about Religion & Spirituality? How does it relate and how does it differ?