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Space Battleship Yamato - Live Action Movie!

I used to SPRINT home from school every day to catch this show. In America, it was called Star Blazers.


As a kid, this show was my escape, my happy place.

As an adult, I now own all three seasons of it in Japanese, as well as several models of the Yamato, one of them a deluxe large scale working model with remote control sound and light effects that had to be shipped from Japan. Yeah, I'm a bit of a fan.
Regardless of age, I love to see all kinds of anime. Anime has always been a very special part of my life, and I feel like you that anime is often my escape, a port way to my fantasies. I am certainly looking forward to this.
Honestly, I wasn't a fan of the anime when friends showed me bits and pieces of it... but the live action movie looks like it's going to be awesome. Kind of reminds me of the Atragon from Godzilla Final Wars...

I hope we get to see it on US shores. :m107: