Situation I need help with...


Peace Through Action
Been delaying posting this as I'm...roar...embarrassed. May as well get it on out...


My husband and I are officially back together! We have been talking and having these tremendously healing conversations, and the times he came here before were revealing and eye-opening. We did some awesome soul-searching. We want our family back. He is moving here to Michigan within the next week. We've put our house up for sale in WA and said eff-it. We're starting over and raising our crazy cute children together.

So, I basically ended the friendship I had with the ENTP fellow. I also let my husband know I had the relationship with him, and I also let him know that I was ending it. So far so good.

I did it because I needed to establish the boundary and I needed to tell the truth. ENTP and I had some cosmic times together, but my Husband is meant to be my Husband, I am sure of this from the bottom of my soul.

HOWEVER, I still see the ENTP guy maybe once a week because we are in the same social circle, and maybe I'm reaching, but I sense that perhaps he is in that same place because I am there (???) Gawd I sound vain, but my gut is telling me this. Because I have not seen him at this place, which is why I go there...

I say "hello" and go on about my business but somehow he seems to be within feet of me at all times. I'm not necessarily uncomfortable, but I don't know if there is a motive, and I think that is what is perplexing me. Okay, I do think there is a motive, but I'm not so forward to be like "wtf, yo?" and really, it did not end on bad terms, so why make it into something like that? And I really don't positively, concretely know.

But really....should I just not say anything because it's really not that serious? Maybe it's just the residual feelings or maybe he's just one of those soulmates and will just always be around in general so perhaps I should get used to it. I trust myself to be loyal to my Husband, so perhaps I'm just making too big a deal.

Has anyone ever been in a similar situation? I don't know wtf I'm doing here. Kinda pissed at myself that I'm even in such a situation but I shouldn't be, especially all I've learned from it.

Any of yall Wise People have some insight? Thanks! :D
My first though is you should trust your instincts. If it's telling you "something" is going on inside this guy, it's probably right. It should also be giving you the correct course of action it you care to listen. I didn't trust mine for so long, it took years and years of proving itself to be right almost every time before I gave them my completed trust. My Ti fought an epic fight for possession of my mind. But I always go with my Ni now, it's right +90% of the time. The same is true with you I am sure (you are an INFJ, I can tell) if you care to listen.

I'm not going to give you an answer, I think you already know it. I'm just going to encourage you to listen to your inner "voice". And I am happy you are back with hubby. You certainly sound happy! Peace :)
Well Thank You Kindly. :D

I do believe I'm correct.

I think I am going to just keep saying "Hello" and going on about my business. As long as he doesn't say or do anything, I shouldn't be concerned. I just wanted to be prepared in some kind of way.
No experience with this, but i agree with QP, go with your gut instinct.