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Shivering isles

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Jan 21, 2009
no idea
Anyone here play oblivion? seems random but it ain't ;)
In the game, or rather, the expansion, shiviring isles, there is a "demigod" called sheogorath. He is the prince of madness and everything about him is insane. No one( even those that play the game , first time playing that is, without reading about him) would understand him and think hes crazy.

heres the thing. In actual fact, hes also another "demigod" (cant remember his name) who is the "god of order". It just so happens that this "god" ( i think its jygalagg or something like that) was cursed and once every something, he will turn into sheogorath, who then destroys everything jygalagg has created. And when he turns back, he destroys everything sheogorath has created and the thing goes on and on in an endless cycle until the player puts an end to it.

Anyway, my point is, I seem to be doing that a lot. I seem to have these long perods of madness and still have the rational part of me guiding me inside ( meaning, I seem like an ExxP but actually I'm an Infj, just putting on something like a mask) . So I will be very outgoing enthusiastic and so on and so forth. Dont get me wrong, its very very very fun and enjoyable but after awhile, I will return back to the Infj me and suddenly be very quiet, not talk much, literally the opposite of the ExxP side of me. And this part will confuse many people, distancing me from some of the people the ExxP part of me got close to.

And then after another while, I will get restless and the ExxP part of me will come out again. the cycle repeats on and on.

Its not my shadow. I recognise it. I had it come out a few times before. That was not fun. anyone here have this same mystery? Or better yet, does anyone know why?

thanks for reading my ranting.
I've played that game and it's expansion, I think the name is like jaggledesh or something... I know exactly what you're talking about, I seem to go in cycles too.

i have not played the game..

but i do know exactly what your talking about.

it seems to have chilled quite a bit since im gettin all old n stuffs.

but it still happens from time to time..
i think it always will...

its just keeping a proper balance i think...
thats what i say, im stickin to it . :m027:

thanks for sharing. <3 :m107:

(man these monkeys rock). lol
please forgive my overuse of them.
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I am a big Oblivion fan. I have a multitude of mods on the computer to enhance it.
I actually know what you mean by a switch from madness to sanity. I go through that aswell. I always thought it was the inferior function clashing with the perception function, without altering the entire system.
For example. If I was particularly mad one evening, I would be obsessing over physical sensation and be amusingly tactile. Whilst still I thought in line with the specifications for I,Te and Emphasis on the Te (Judgement)..
So yeah, strange times.
Great game. I posted a video of Sheogorath around here somewherez.... and it's Jyggalag btw.

Anyway, we all vacillate from various points of viewing/interacting with the world. Sometimes I'm more ExxP, sometimes I'm more xSTx but when I am in a state of calm and comfort and being fully myself, I am without a doubt INFJ.
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