Share your stories of how people are demonstrating courage and compassion


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“Let’s take this moment to pray for harmony, and the protection of our world”….

Those words stare back at me from the screen of my computer. When they penetrate through the layers of my brain and sink down into the core of my awareness - I pause and reflect on what they mean to me……now…

Today I witnessed the good in people come out shining through their hearts. How can I describe how powerful their intentions were? I could see the ripple effects on people in the room as they sat around the walls. Mostly women - aged - seasoned over time spent in the helping fields. Worn. Weary….but comfortable with what they do….each and every day….as they try to help those in pain in this rural health clinic for people with no insurance.

Can you imagine the enormity of dealing with the powerful energy of pain and the anger and hatred and fear that swirls around it? I mean when you think about it - if you are hurting - and I mean intensely hurting - the underlying strong emotion is fear.
The client may have thoughts like:
Will the pain be there forever?
How do I make it go away?
Was it my fault?
How dare it be my fault!
I didn’t know anything!
Oh hell this hurts….
I don’t have insurance….will they help me?

These are the kinds of emotions emanating from people who walk into the clinic day after day.

And yet I see brave women trying to meet these people with compassion.

Today we held a meeting of all of the staff. It was good for me to see because it helped me integrate a more complete picture of where I work and who I work for. It’s a system and I have access to the entirety of it. In order to help me succeed - I should assess what knowledge and wisdom is available around me - Yes? Staff meetings are useful - for a while. [wink]

Several department heads consider themselves as Team Leaders. This was thrilling to see in action! The Physicians Assistant Nurse RN woman - was awesome as she passed around the story of Why Geese Fly in a V pattern. I was nearly in tears. I know ….I know….. I’m such a hippy…She talked about Teams and how she loved this one and how Yes she knew she sometimes got carried away…but she hoped people would keep her in check. Because like the Geese - the leader needed time to rest and dropped back to the end for a while.

This is sooooo not like bureaucratic structures….

Anyway talk got around to the fact 2014 will bring big changes and it was made clear - at least to me - the clinic was in danger of disintegrating. I believe this influenced many of them there - for several leaders stood up and talked of how they have loved working there for 25 years and it’s because of the people. I really enjoyed hearing their heartfelt appreciation.

Then there was very disheartening news about how the big Cancer Hospital in the big city of Houston toyed with the PA and head nurse with their efforts to get a man with stage 9 prostate cancer in to the hospital for treatment. He was 57 years old - worked hard - but had no insurance. So he kept postponing the trip to seek help - until he couldn’t work anymore. They realize now the hospital played them along with infinite paper information requests in order to stall until the patient was beyond their scope of help.

In other words - they kept rejecting him - waiting him out till he dies….

Yes. This country is allowing poisoning of it’s citizens….and then watching them die.

This caused staff to feel very badly. “It’s not right for them to judge who will get help and who will not!”. “They are NOT God!”. ….are some of the comments I heard.

I had mixed feelings about it. On the one hand - we can’t save everyone. On the other hand - the big hospital shouldn’t have strung them along like that. They wasted precious time when they could have been advocating for another hospital. Essentially the big hospital contributed to the man’s impending death by their cold nature.

Now - the idea of Hospice is being presented to the family because too much time has passed.

Then the lady sitting next to me was trying to talk about Relay for Life (an American Cancer Society Fund Drive) when she broke down crying because she too had a story to tell of how the big American Cancer Society allowed her friend to die…. I reached up my hand and began stroking the middle of her back between her shoulder blades in small gentle circles and she cried….and cried…. The room was dead silent with over 20 people in the room. I tried to breathe some love into her …and then I murmured to her…. “it’s hard”….

…and she said…”Yes. It’s hard….”.

Then she started back up with her report for her department and the meeting continued.

It was fantastic to watch small rural community groups in action! All of this was led by women!

It’s true…it’s true…. This is the time of the Feminine Energy.

Welcome Feminine Energy! I’m looking forward to having balance in our world!
Now may the men have the help they have needed for a long long time.

Share your stories of how people are demonstrating courage and compassion!
I recently watched a movie called Machine Gun Preacher. It is based on the true story of an ex-biker gang member who turned to Jesus. He became a missionary to help reconstruct homes in Africa, but then ended up building an orphanage in the Sudan. He took up arms with the local freedom fighters to rescue kids from slave traders and the like.

One day, at the beginning of the college semester, a guy came late to class. Everyone else had an adequate desk or group table to sit at. People were seated comfortably. All he got was a dinky wooden bench to sit on, and it wasn't comfortable. I offered him the seat next to mine.
I had thought this thread was going to be called: "Share your stories of how people are stupid." I have plenty of stories about human stupidity, but not many about people demonstrating courage and compassion.