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Shai Gar

... for his army. -

I'm putting my not inconsiderable Military Strategy knowledge into practice in this (currently in free beta testing) MMORPG game.
This game has no Leveling, no grinding and none of that Theme Park nonsense that you'd find in ... Shit, just read the links.

This is analogous to Morrowind/AoE2 merging as an MMORPG

This is what I'm planning.

Military Branch - Three Units (100 men/unit), Five Squads (20 men/squad), Two Patrols (10 men/Patrol).
NCO (incl in counts)
COs (excl from counts)
Supply Lines (excl from count)


  • Heavy Cavalry
  • Mounted Cavalry
  • Longbowmen // Crossbowmen
  • Pikemen
  • Infantry
  • Miners
All Soldiers would be Multi Trained and would be outfitted Neutrally with the ability to swap weapons and armour with the supply lines depending on how each battle would be laid out.

Each Patrol would have a Sergeant, and a Corporal.
Each Squad would have a Lieutenant and a Second Lieutenant
Each Unit would have Two Captains and a Major.
The Army would be led by a team of Five Brigadiers.

The Three Units would be on scheduled rotation.
First Rotation - War
Second Rotation - Home Territory Training, In order to practice Military Skills and know Home Territory as second nature.
Third Rotation - Defending Base/Town/City/Castle (whatever), and Barracks Training all the skills we can.

Civilian Branch - All civilians will also be trained as Militia. Alongside the Third Rotation every third day.
  • Smithy Guild (Black, Gold)
  • Builders
  • Farmers (Food Supply) // Groomsmen (for breaking and breeding mounts)
  • Merchants // Medics (Supply Line)
  • Fishermen // Navy (Sailors)

Intelligence Branch
  • Undercover Agents (Joining other teams that are not our own, and supplying with constant information)
  • Advance Reconnaissance Soldiers (Similar to 22S.A.S. or Force Recon)
  • Diplomats (Assassins)

There'll be a lot of people who join the game just to solo it, and quite a few in small guilds. We could run this as a Military Power within the game. Before it even starts for real.

Questions? Who's thinking they'd love to be in this?
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are you sure the game actually has enough freedom to carry this out how'd you like?
I like the idea of it being more like Morrowind in the sense that it's all skills based. If this MMORPG does fail it will serve as a good example for future developers.

The problem I see with the game is how high quality it all seems; the environments are lush and beautiful, which means all of it took a good deal of time and effort. For an independent company such as this one, the task of balancing, maintenance and then finally making new content maybe too much for them based on the budget and how much revenue they generate.

There has been word that Bethesda Softworks is making a Morrowind MMORPG. I think your dreams of a well polished mmorpg based on skills instead of levels will be better realized then.
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thats a lie

some people.....ought to never have seen this page.
This looks pretty awesome, Shai Gar! :m200: I'd totally love to be in your army!
lol. However...I'm afraid this might be one of those things, where I start wasting away my life playing the game and forget about school and homework and friends....
:m083: Hmm...
i will give it a whirl
Okay, I'm going to need to clarify something though. This will not be a group of individuals showing up to adventure together, this will have to run with discipline.

I'll throw in two more rotations into the schedule though, "Non Affilliated Adventuring" where you'd be welcome in our territory, but basically, Rostered Leave/Holidays unless the city is under attack and you're in the region.
mew you should specify times n stuffs