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Selfishness and Freedom


Sep 18, 2009
I often say I want to be free. Is this desire a common INFJ thing?

But what is freedom?
Is it selfishness?

What is selfishness for an INFJ?

Is it self-mastery?

What frees you....?

I wanna hear your views :)
why is freedom selfishness?? I can't relate the two of them.
To me, freedom is not a "natural" thing. It is not a goal. It is an all-dimension state. It is to let go of every restrain you have, every single one of them. I think noone can ever be completely free (not in this world at least) and I don't know exactly how would it be, but I want to experience that at least for one infinitesimal fraction of time. If I could it would be simply beautiful...
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When I can be at complete peace, then I will be free.
In the psychological sense, I see freedom as the ceasing of unfulfillable desires and ignorance of self. Sort of like Buddhism.

On a more abstract, political scale, I don't think we can ever be fully independent. Humans are social animals that require the presence of other people to live normally. We can not invent a language or even some of the most basic thought processes without encountering others. This, I believe, is the fatal flaw in ideological libertarianism.

Freedom in the first sense is not selfish. Freedom in the second sense, is.