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Scope of Perfectionism


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Dec 27, 2009
Corollary thread to this thread. Read it before replying, it's a great topic! :D (but of course, if it should be combined, please do what needs to be done)

Common agreement seems that INFJs especially are prone to idealism manifested in perfectionism.

Now, another question / probing further / analyzing further .... Just... how far are your perfectionism ? To what extent? Is it limited to certain criteria (say, money / happiness gained, or whether people will be happy, for example) and type (only being perfectionist about lifestyle, for example) ? How satisfiable are those perfectionism?

I got the idea of probing further after a thought crossed my mind after classes and the children's recreation

simply put:
Upper class : "blah, too spoiled."
Lower class : "...uuh, too uncivilized."

then its supposed logical conclusion:
Middle class : "meh, too bourgeoisie--wait, what? just how unsatisfied am I?"
My perfectionism is bad.

When I lock onto to something that I want, it is really really hard for me to let go of it. Something must be done an exact way and if it is not it is totally disregarded. I am much more strong with this on an individual level with myself, but it does transcend into other things. Many times I have several paths that I internally say are "acceptable" and they work, so it gives others and me the sense that I am not so rigid. However, if it deviates from those sets it is instantly unacceptable. I am a black and white person in many respects and I know this, but it is just who I am. I just want things to be right.