Rocky Horror Appreciation Thread

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Leeeeeeets doooooooo the tiiiiiiime waaaaaaaarp agaaaaaaiiin
and again and again and again FUCK YOUR MOTHER!

Ellllllbow sex!

When I was a teenager/young adult, my friends and I would go to the midnight shows of this every other Friday night in Westwood at the Lamelle. *I* didn't dress up though. Well, maybe once or twice. My boyfriend still makes fun of me for my utter lameness. Hee. I love midnight movies more than almost anything in the world. At this moment. Lost Boys, Rocky Horror, Queen of the Damned, Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. Adventures in Babysitting, Willow...

People are so nice and fun at midnight movies. Why I think I just figured out what I'm going to do with myself tonight! Woohoo!
Midnight showings of rocky horror are just plain fun. I go with my friends back in New Jersey now and then. Some of them are REALLY good with the audience participation quotes, I only know a few.