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Random gift for an INFJ


Dec 2, 2008
Heya, newbie here. No, not INFJ. Just here talking about a friend.

I asked her to take the MBTI for me, and she gladly did. Before it though, she told me she didn't need a personality test to tell her she was very weird and that a lot of people shouldn't be close to her.

Anyway, I was at Bath & Body Works a few days ago getting some lotion. I saw some stuffed sheep there, in a big and small size. There were small black ones but they were out of them. So, I went to another store and picked one up. The thought of a "black sheep" stuffed animal was cool. As soon as I bought it, the thought hit me to give it to an INFJ friend of mine.

So, I did. I wasn't very concerned about her taking it personally. I asked her, "Do you think you and a black sheep have anything in common?" She replied, "We have a lot in common!"

I just thought it was a fun thing to do. :)
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Haha I thought she was gunna be offended for a second.
That was a cool gift! If someone had given that to me I would have thought, "Hey! You get it!" LOL
I work with her. We work at a department store. I'm a cashier and she's in charge of the pricing team. I'm 22, she's 32. Our relationship is weird, because we just developed this closeness so naturally. She is just so amazing, though. She is so kind and gentle, yet at the same time has this off the wall sense of humor. She has these cute mannerisms about her that I just melt over. It's just the grace she displays while still being so detached from the world that leaves me wondering.

She works at a bookstore part time also. I go over there from time to time to just talk to her. Once, I really wanted to tell her how much I appreciated having her in my life. I bought a "Thinking of You" card that said "I thought of you today" then on the inside, "And I liked it so much, I'm going to do it again! Then I wrote this long message inside detailing everything about her that I like. She really liked it. It just sucks that she has a boyfriend and she's 10 years older.

She's the first person that's really triggered such an emotional reaction from me. It's just hard to explain, but she's just the kind of person I'd instantly do anything for. It's difficult being around her because I just want to grab her and hold her so tight.