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Jul 11, 2008
I should have asked this on day one but here goes and its possibly a bit stupid as I don't fully know what the differences are between intuitives and sensors and all that.All those details bore me hence I've never bothered figuring it out but I always seem to get 'tangled' in peoples energy if you know what I mean.Its like I should be just seeing the world visually but ,I'm out there,Always,sensing,daydreaming,(in that other place????) my way through it.Feeling it and that gets my energy tangled in other peoples etc..Sometimes I have to sit at a desk next to someone and I have to block our energy with my hand up to my face kind of,just leaning on it.Otherwise I would be all over at his side of the desk if you get my meaning.Perhaps its just feeling unsafe and out there worrying,focusing ,on what I don't want..
I dunno. Anyone know what I'm on about?
Not too sure what you're saying but the basic difference between sensors and intuitives imo is sensors live in the moment while intuitives are constantly looking to the future... Is that what you meant?
Yes and no.I can see how living in the moment literally means living with your eyes open,here and now etc..And Intuitives are looking to the future.But thats not really it.It is quite literally getting tangled up in our peoples energy fields.Sometimes subtly,sometimes more.Its annoying more than anything and I have certain tools/techniques to help me but was just wondering does anyone experience similar.Anyway,it could be down to the releases I do too and being a mess sometimes.Who knows.Gotta dash ,literally.Gotta be 20 miles away by 12.15 ,now 11.27. Whoooosh......!Later.
Sounds more like your F at work to me. What helps me will be different so I'll back away and let someone with that preferance answer :wink:
MBTI is simply how we process information. N and S have to do with how we take in new information. If you take things in intuitively then your surroundings are basically going straight to the sub-conscious. If you are dominant in sensing then you take in your surroundings very literally and concretely.

S - Concrete Data
N - Abstract/Theoretical
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