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Publicity, the citizen, and right to privacy


Sep 5, 2009
So, with new media and technology, more info on personal details, private transactions, personal relationships, things said in informal conversation, or private phones conversation, are now publicly accessible. Whether illegal or not, everthing about us today is moving into the realm of public information whether or not it should. And this doesn't simply affect public figures but everyday citizens. Things posted on youtube can be used against you or things posted on a social networking site are fair game, although these things are supposed to be private and protected to some degree.

How far is too far? What does the public have a right to know, and what does it not? And what does it matter if the information will be released anyway, and still will later affect self, family, reputation, income, opportunities, etc.?

Edit: Public/social stigma attached to particular actions, however private, has consequences especially as regards reputation and credibility.
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The only information the public should have access to on an individual is what that individual decides to make public (not counting convicted murderers, child-molestation, and other 'heavy' crimes). I know that isn't the case (with technology, like you stated) but it would be ideal imo.