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Printers = voodoo magic


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i work for an it company, everyone in the office know tons about computers(execpt one guy as he's an idiot), if a computer breaks we can fix it no problem.

but we start work this morning and the printers have stopped working, we've tried every thing replacing ink, cleaning print heads, run printer diagnostics, restarting the printers, restarting the print spooler service, even the old fav of turning the computers off and on again. and also took the printers apart to clean every part, still nothing worked.

so we all got annoyed and went to lunch.

come back now printers all work fine

No one can get into our office as its locked, so yea printers are voodoo
It's when they start printing out their angry printer thoughts that you need to worry.
I saw someone post a trick using network printers where you can upload an error message to the printer so it always has an error, even when there really isn't one.
Well, at least they got a good tune-up!