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Polygamy in the FLDS


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May 8, 2008
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I recently read an admirably even-handed National Geographic article on the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (FLDS). These are the Mormons who refused to abide by the doctrinal update that forbade polygamy to keep the church in compliance with the law.

Should polygamy of this kind be illegal or not? Should the communities be broken up, or left alone?
In the Latter Day Saints, is a woman allowed to have additional husbands?
If not, what happens to the additional men?
In the Latter Day Saints, is a woman allowed to have additional husbands?

No, I don't believe so.
(Also, be sure to distinguish between LDS and FLDS, because the former now conveniently condemns polygamy.)

If not, what happens to the additional men?

Many of them get kicked out in childhood or adolescence. They're known as "the Lost Boys" in that area of the country.
Because they don't have wives?
The FLDS leadership come up with other reasons, like "disruptiveness." In the article it's noted that while they say that all those boys are being kicked out for valid reasons, they hardly ever kick out girls. It's pretty obvious that the real reason is to thin the herd and make less competition for the wife-hoggers.
Sounds like it... Sounds like all those men should be mass assassinated. I wonder what would happen to the religion then.
Personally I would not get involved in a religion that endorsed relationships like that. I am not keen on religion in the first place, but I certainly wouldn't be attracted to one that essentially bred women to please the high powered men that run it. It sounds an awful lot like slavery to me. These women are brought up to be not only submissive but subservient. They are there to cook, clean, and procreate. What kind of life is that? And what happens to the women who are not happy with that life and try to get out? They threaten them, beat them, and keep their children. These sound like abusive relationships to me, whether physically or mentally. I don't agree that it is in the best interest of the women or the children involved.
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I must say if any else, at least they stand their ground. Any religion that sways to the wims of the government is to not to be valued.

I'm sorry, my emotions from another thread are coming through, but I believe there is some truth to what I have said and so I'll leave it up