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Phoenix/Affleck - "I'm Still Here" documentary


Sep 5, 2009
So, any opinions on Joaquin's "acting" job over the last year and the documentary which documents his supposed career change, etc.

Do you find this kind of fictional documentary interesting?
I thought it was hilarious. Seriously, I don't understand how people ever thought he was being serious.
I love that it was a hoax, because I was one of those fooled. His acting was excellent, consistent with a paranoid-schizophrenic meltdown. And the duration was epic.
I had a feeling it was a hoax from the very beginning. I'm just so glad he's back to his handsome self. I was scared for a while XD
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I loved the movie! It was a freakin riot and blurred the edges of fantasy and reality so well.

"blahblahblah blah blah..... BEEITCH!" haha, had me busting my gut every time.