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philanthropy and mistrust


Feb 5, 2010
philanthropy is such a basically human gesture

but i think it got lost somewhere in stories of people who do it to steal(greed) or social climbers(self aggrandizement), causing compassion fatigue. perhaps within a capitalistic system(im from usa), philanthropy becomes awkward. it is not as often your hands and your work, but your money that is going elsewhere, who knows where it will go but one thing for sure is that it is going away from you. and that is all we know of, we cant trust because everything and everyone is too far away.

that makes me sad - why people won;t donate - but all the problems are so far away, it can be hard to relate or feel what they are feeling.
There is an old fact, it was identified as an "old saying" back in the first century, "Your alms should sweat in your hand until you know to whom you are giving." I've always found this helpful.
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Don't take money as materialistic or never try to put any value on it. It is just symbol. It will go where you are giving and the same response it will come back. So feel pleasure and happiness when you are giving. Don't hesitate when your heart says to give money. This is hidden opportunity, give it with full heart. Don't have any expectation for it, just have faith on yourself. IN last you will get wonderful return of it.