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People around you?

Discussion in 'The INFJ Typology' started by soulseeker, Dec 19, 2009.

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    sorry i sort of, flipped the topic of your thread a little bit there ^^;;
    I hope you don't mean that you believe if you take in other people's suffering, it means they don't suffer anymore. They still do, until they choose not to. Anyway it seems it would make you a very good communicator. You are in a way, doing telepathy. You read their true feelings.

    I watched a film called Himala last night. About a woman who gets visions of the Virgin Mary and becomes a healer. In the end she reveals there has never been any visions, and that there are no miracles happening in the town. Some people who were touched by her hands were healed, some were not. The ones who didn't, their families blamed her. They said she cursed them. The ones who were healed, said she blessed them. When a drought came, they blamed her. When it rained, they praised her. It was insane, but I can easily believe it would happen in real life. At the end she says we create our own miracles and curses.

    I like to be around people where I feel life is pleasant and moving forward

    It's good to help others who aren't like that though, but I try to do it secretly


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