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Time Lord
Oct 7, 2009
Florida man
A young man plays catch with his friends in a back alley in his small home town. The young man had always dreamed of being a great ball player. Dreaming of his future the young man fires of the ball to his friend, but his reckless throw caused the ball to fly into the window of a building next to him. The window crashes and the young man's friends took off in fear, but the young man stood in awe of what he had done, so much so that the he didn't realize that the store owner had grabbed by the shoulder and drug him into his shop.

The young man suddenly snaps back to reality finding himself sitting in a chair with the shop owner making a phone call. The young man starts to plead with the store owner to forgive him and that he was sorry. The store owner only told the boy to hush. The store owner finish his call and pulls up a chair and sits across from the young man. They sit watching each other for fifteen minutes in total silence, the boy who had stared at his feet for the whole time suddenly looked up as bells jingled announcing someone had entered the store. The young mans eyes lit up with fear as he realized the store owner had called his father.

The Father had a quizzical look on his face as he asked the owner why he had called him hear. The store owner launched into a short speech as how his son and his son's friends had been playing ball in the back alley behind his shop. He told the young man's father that he had become enamored on how much spirit his son had put into the ball and that he would like to offer his son a job at his business. The young man sat in shock knowing that he came from a pour family and that job like this would help put food on the table.

The father looked at the store owner and glanced at the broken back window and asked the owner what had happened the, the owner replied "that is no matter of yours, do you wish your son to be employed here or not." The father said it was O.K. so long as his son agreed. The young man stared at the store owner with a look of unbelief and said to him "I'd rather not." The store owner stared ab back at him and asked "are you sure I know that you need this job?" the young man replied "I'm sure"
The store owner looks back to the father and says "in that case sir, would you be kind enough to repair or replace the window your son has destroyed."
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