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'Officer, my aunt stole my drugs'


Shai Gar

A TERRITORY teen called police to her home to force her aunt to give her back her ecstasy pills, a court has heard.

And the same Darwin L-plater told NT police earlier this year that she was driving stoned and without an adult in the car "because it's the weekend''.

Two weeks later, the girl was caught twice more driving alone and without her L-plates, once in a McDonald's car park and the second time after she had "crashed'' while "having a smoke'', the Darwin Magistrates Court heard.

Prosecutor Sergeant Erica Sims said the girl crashed her Hyundai Excel on February 11 when she lost control, "freaked out'' and hit a tree.

Police found cannabis in the written-off car and a homemade bong on the back seat.

The court heard that eight days later the teen picked up a Winfield Blue packet while looking for stray cigarettes at an inner city petrol station and found eight ecstasy tablets which she decided to keep.

But Sgt Sims said the girl's "suspicious'' aunt found the pills hours later at her Bakewell home and confiscated them.

The pair fought over the pills, and the "frustrated'' teen rang Palmerston police three times to come to the home and make her aunt give her back her pills.

Police came to the house and seized the pills.

The girl pleaded guilty to 10 traffic offences and six drug offences and Magistrate Melanie Little fined her $150, placing her on three good behaviour bonds up to nine months.

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HAHAHA I love these stories! Stupid druggies....Although I hope this girl pulls her head out of her ass and straightens out. Or at least gets herself fixed so she can't drag some poor child into the mess that is her life.
That is pretty funny! I hope they ordered her into a counselling program.
Without people like that how would those poor Nigerian scammers survive? We need more of them.