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Obsessive much?


Sep 5, 2009
Anyone else tired of having an obsessive nature?

Not sure if it's genetic, but it's annoying how obsessive I can be whether it's a project, thoughts, idea, persons ;), interest, hobbies, etc. It's something i've always struggled with and created issues for me growing up because i could never simply dismiss a feeling. It would consume me to the bitter end.

So, what about you? Obsessive much? How do you deal with it?
In the past I was very obsessive about almost everything. People, how I looked, my interests. It has it's place actually. You can become pretty proficient at something in a relatively short period of time by being obsessive. When I took up guitar again a few years back I was all into it. I was typing out lyrics and making charts. I'd play songs off Youtube. It helps to master a skill. So yeah, in that sense I can still be obsessive. I've learned to let it go regarding other things. I no longer get obsessive about people or really life in general. I've learned to Turn on, tune in, drop out! It may cause me to procrastinate more, but the alternative of being so FU'ed worried about everything was more than I could take.

Most of the things we obsess and worry about don't really matter anyways. If you want to girlfriend/boyfriend keep trying. Anyone can find someone if you really try. If you don't believe me, just go to the mall and people watch for a few hours. I still care about things like how I look too, but I don't obsess on them either. I've learned to not care so much what others opinions of me are. That's a key for any INFJ I think.

Is it genetic? It is in my family. My dad has a fair amount of OCD now. It makes it a real pain in the ass to go over to his house. A place for everything and everything in it's place--this includes your life. If shit isn't perfect you'll have to hear him pass judgement. Luckily Mom keeps him in his place. Yeah, it can have its place if you don't let it dominate you.