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Dec 28, 2008
...come tell me what you're doing to become a trainer in NLP. I am INCREDIBLY interested. :)
I first started by reading a few books: Using Your Brain For a Change, Frogs Into Princes, Reframing NLP and The Transformation of Meaning. I then did some official training and now have a diploma in NLP. I am taking the Practitioner Course in May. I have a long way to go yet but I am set on this goal.

My trainer has already said I can work for them when I am fully trained.

I have already learned some amazing things, much of which would seem impossible to you at the moment. There is so much more to it than the explanation you read. It lightly touches on a couple of techniques. And there are dozens if not hundreds. For example: How to cure ANY phobia in a few minutes, how to stop any habit or create any new one, how to increase your IQ, How to solve problems with mental imagery (this makes use of your brains database and processing power, both of which you normally only have a limited access to), how to imbed subconscious commands into everyday language, how to create instant rapport with strangers. The list goes on. I have even adapted a technique to help INFJ’s get over their social problems (see my posts on INFJs and feelings of being alone, different, disconnected or lost).

Most people who hear of NLP learn the terms and have an academic understanding of the techniques. But never really get to grips with being able to fully utilise the techniques. It’s generally hit and miss as to whether things work. To really get good at NLP you first have to be able to pace people and have sensory acuity. These two things allow you to see if what you are doing is working. So you know whether or not you need to change your behaviour.

I would strongly recommend you learn NLP. It will undoubtedly change your life. The official training is VERY expensive (£6,500 to get to trainer level. Don’t know what that equals in your money) but there are plenty of books out there.

To get you started I would recommend you read a book about sub-modalities and request the free ebook from the link below

I have so much to say on this topic but I have rambled already. Comments welcome
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I first heard about NLP within the last year talking to a friend who had been to a seminar in which they discussed (albeit briefly). I'm going to a leadership seminar in April run by the same group of people and I'm hoping to corner one of their NLP masters while there. The stuff I've heard about... you're right, it sounds like life altering stuff.

Thanks for the link. I signed up for the freebie.

What is the time commitment to become a trainer? How far into the course are you?
The official training goes thus:
Practitioner - 7 days training, £1400
Master Practitioner - 12 days training, £1800
Trainer - ?? days training, £3,500
Far more important than the certificates is that you must practice regularly. I know people who have already finished the Practitioner course. I am only two days into it (which counts as a diploma). So they are ahead of me in that respect. But it is they who come to me for advice. I practice everyday. I have a natural affinity for NLP, my trainer has even said so.

You can learn the techniques without the proper training. It takes a lot of dedication though. NLP is a way of life, not just a few training courses. I would recommend trying to get hold of a book called "Using Your Brain For a Change". It is the most beginner friendly book I know of. It has been out of print for a long time now though so you might have to pay about a hundred pounds for it (It is VERY popular).

I have a treat coming up for you. I'm going to type it into a word document and attach it though because it will be too long to post.
View attachment IMAGE STREAMING.pdf

Please see the attachment. I had to do it in PDF because word made it too big. If you don't have PDF let me know and I will put it in word two parts

PS this rocks
Sweet. Got the pdf just fine and will be reading it thusly.

Thanks for indulging me, PJ. :smile:
This is fantastic. I want to begin this exercise as soon as possible.

Thanks again, man. :smile:
Be sure to chronicle what it does for you. What you learn from it etc...

I'm going to read up a bit on this and possibly give it a try myself.
This is fundamental to NLP. This is one of the first things you need to learn. There is lot that can be done with this. But for now just do the exercises on this link

Let me know how you get on and I will tell you some other things that you can do with this
We should rename this thread NLP. My ego has a problem with it being called Poetic justice
We should rename this thread NLP. My ego has a problem with it being called Poetic justice

Bitch, bitch, bitch.

(Thanks for the links. I will definitely post feedback.)
Watch these two videos. The second is an explanation of the first