new insight into superconductivity

Wow! Thanks for sharing, I'm reading this article right now.

I admit I have no "knowledge" of superconduction, really, but I'd be really interested to see the results of an experiment. So far the article is focused on 2D planes for superconductivity. Ni is telling me that 3D is also possible, and what comes to mind is a cylindrical shape, but twisted similar to how DNA strands are twisted. Start with an untwisted cylinder, with alternating atoms of iron and something else, twist, maybe magnetically shield it, then run current through it starting cold and warming up. Eh, it's a theory... ;)

Just reading about how sound waves might affect this, and I'm wondering - what kind of current are they using? AC? DC? What amps, hertz, etc? I think a "pulsing" DC might be interesting to play with...
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Interesting article. It still seems that cuprates reign, but new challengers have arrived. Hopefully it will spur more investigation and development in the field.