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Ne described - Extraverted Intuition


Sep 5, 2009
According to Cognitive

Extraverted iNtuiting involves noticing hidden meanings and interpreting them, often entertaining a wealth of possible interpretations from just one idea or interpreting what someone’s behavior really means.
  1. It also involves seeing things “as if,” with various possible representations of reality.
  2. Using this process, we can juggle many different ideas, thoughts, beliefs, and meanings in our mind at once with the possibility that they are all true.
    • This is like weaving themes and threads together.
    • We don’t know the weave until a thought thread appears or is drawn out in the interaction of thoughts, often brought in from other contexts.
  3. Thus a strategy or concept often emerges from the here-and-now interactions, not appearing as a whole beforehand.
  4. Using this process we can really appreciate brainstorming and trust what emerges, enjoying imaginative play with scenarios and combining possibilities, using a kind of cross-contextual thinking.
  5. Extraverted iNtuiting also can involve catalyzing people and extemporaneously shaping situations, spreading an atmosphere of change through emergent leadership.
Please add your own descriptions of Ne.

(This description of Ne is very good imo - I use this in the classroom quite a bit, probably more than any other function, apart from Te)
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  • Extraverted Intuition involves seeing possibilities and connections or threads between ideas. When presented with data, it looks for possible patterns and meanings.
  1. Extraverted intuition attempts to envisage all the possibilities that are inherent in an objective situation.
  2. Ordinary events are seen as providing a cipher or set of clues from which underlying processes and hidden potentialities can be determined.
    • Yet once these possibilities are apprehended, objects and events lose their meaning and import.
    • There is therefore a constant need for new situations and experiences to provide a fresh stimulus for the intuitive process.
  3. The extraverted intuition type is an excellent diagnostician and exploiter of situations.
    • Such people see exciting possibilities in every new venture and are excellent at perceiving latent abilities in other people.
  4. They get carried away with the enthusiasm of their vision and often inspire others with the courage of their conviction.
  5. As such, they do well in occupations where these qualities are at a premium - for example in initiating new projects, in business, politics or the stock market.
    • They are, however, easily bored and stifled by unchanging conditions.
    • As a result they often waste their life and talents jumping from one activity to another in the search for fresh possibilities, failing to stick at any one project long enough to bring it to fruition.
  6. Furthermore, in their commitment to their own vision, they often show little regard for the needs, views or convictions of others.
  7. When neurotic, repressed sensation may cause this type to become compulsively tied to people, objects or activities that stir in them primitive sensations such as pleasure, pain or fear.
    • The consequence of this can be phobias, hypochondriacal beliefs and a range of other compulsions.
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For me, Ne can be both a blessing and a curse.

When I am keeping my mind open to possibilities, it is what allows me to follow various theories on a concept until one of them starts to make more sense and the others fall apart.

But when I notice someone upset or sad, or angry, and I can't make sense of why they are behaving that way, then my Ne kicks into gear by inventing paranoid and negative possibilities as causes. These are almost always wrong, and I have trouble sorting through all of the possibilities or stopping them from being generated.
Ne is the belief that all data in a given set is connected with each other. it assumes the "connections" are already there, they simply need to be found. if the data seems inconsistent, it simply means that your set isn't big enough to see the pattern.

introverted judgment assumes the freedom to evaluate the connections as one likes, and ignore the ones they don't.
so: all the data must be acknowledged, but the connections among them do not.

question: is the concept of Ne as elusive to NJ's as Ni is to NP's?
Ne is a chemical element of atomic number 10, which when placed in a discharge tube with high voltage produces a reddish orange glow.

The above was a joke by the way; although considering that I extrapolated an alternative meaning of Ne, could it be an example of Extroverted Intuition?

Ne seems like basically the acquisition of the possibilities that may lie outside one's own personal experiences. For example if there is a general rule that can be deduced from one;s personal experiences, Ne may "see" instances in which the rule may not apply and factor those possibilities into one's understanding.