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Names for Gods.


Shai Gar

I suck at coming up with names.

Help me. Please.

This is for a DnD world that I'm creating, many adventures will be able to spawn from this.

The information is in the attached pdf file. I'm going to bed. Goodnight.


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Varew Moxx

I don't know. Just make random things up? What are you looking for in a name?
Did you want obscure names of actual deities? Or do you want created names unconnected with any ancient (or ongoing) human worship?

Do you want them to be male or female, or a pair per Aspect?
Mary Therese
Also, what variety of culture do you want them to reflect? should they be celtic-esque, asian-esque, helenic-esque?
What if they don't have roots in any world culture? How bout that!
Shai Gar, just sit there and make sounds and whatever comes out that sounds interesting and dignified, there's your deity name.

It's an interesting request. I'd give you a few, but I'm keepin them to myself for a story I'm writing.
I looked at the generator and the only worthwhile name I sifted was: Clyt

Actually. I take that back. The fantasy vowels R option has interesting names. I like names that are spelled interestingly that one has to think about before trying to pronounce them. (I love 'ae' and 'th' in names... )

  • Aethe
  • Aisrisuir
  • Saethe
H.P. Lovecraft created some amazing names.

Here is the H.P. Lovecraft name generator

I'm curious what you come up with.
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you know, i have not done anything with this since. I should.
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