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My best friend from high school died


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Jul 18, 2008
I had a friend named Russell who passed away last tuesday. Now me and Russ were as tight as you can get for 6 years. Then like all high school friends we moved on with our lives and did not keep in touch. We had a falling out a long time ago. There was a group of us and my other friend Ryan and I have always kept in touch since school. So for the last 20 years me and Ryan have been close and me and Russ were not. Which is strange because I never thought that me and Ryan would be friends for so long. I always figured me and Russ would be in touch it did not happen. His death was quick it was a car accident that killed him.

So last weekend I did things that were in omage to my old friend Russ. By doing these things and remembering him I realised that true friendship should never be taken for granted no matter what problems arise. Having some one to be your friend is an honor that most people today just ignore I think. His passing has shook the foundations of my beliefs. And I am sorry that we never repaired what happened to us. We were both getting to that age when you can sit back and remember all the crazy stuff you did together as kids. I will not be able to sit with him and talk anymore. So my advice from this situation is. If you have a true friend who has your back when the chips are down thank them. If you have a friend who has gotten away for some stupid reason and you don't know why call them! It's never too late when you are alive. But it's pretty hard to tell them anything when they are gone.

I was lucky enough to talk to his mother and ask her the questions I needed to ask and she answered them for me. I feel pretty good about the answers she gave me! I still wish I would have called sooner. We just ran outta time. Don't let this happen to you!!! Say what you need to say ask what you need to ask. Your life is short and you never know when someone you know is gonna leave...
Good reminder efromm and I'm so sorry your friend died before you could reconnect. It's wonderful his mother was open with you.
i know exactly how that is... i lost a very good friend August last year

we had both been in the navy, on the same ship together. him from zanesville, ohio; me, from deep southeastern, USA

anyways, he was always a blast to hang with; light heart, extrovert, loved to joke, always made a joke of any situation... me and him used to just give each other a hard time and then just laugh about it... some of our jokes even bordered on the morbid, which is just enlightening to me...

well, he got out and went back home, met a g/f, moved to south carolina, and was hired to work with Boeing, repairing aircrafts... but the friday before his big day on monday, he was in a motorcycle accident and passed on the next morning from injuries...

i heard from a friend who heard from his g/f... and i didn't believe him until i found his orbit

i felt bad... i never even got to say goodbye...

but in his honor, i have him still on my top 24 on myspace, knowing that his picture will never change, that his last mood will live on...
I'm sorry to hear this, thank you for the advice.

Do not hold back your grief. Cope.

And heal.
Thanks for the kind words guys.

Here are some pictures of my therapy..

These are pictures I took the other day when I was riding in the woods of North Idaho where I live. I rode into the woods two nights in a row just to sit and hang out in the woods in the middle of the night. It was so peacefull and quiet and the full moon was dancing off the trees! You could see all the way into Montana just by the moon. I could never get a good picture of the moonlight on the trees! Sorry you will just have to picture it in your mind lol ... 050079.jpg ... 050111.jpg ... 050130.jpg ... 050148.jpg ... 050160.jpg ... 050174.jpg ... 050187.jpg ... 050212.jpg ... 050227.jpg
Thanks. I took like 200 pictures the other day. I just feel good when I am out in the woods. The first picture is of me so ya know who your talking too lol

Here is a few more. First one is me at about 12am looking at the lights of town. ... 050009.jpg ... 050211.jpg ... 050259.jpg

This one is of Hayden Lake in the day time.. ... 040834.jpg
Your pictures are beautiful.

I have it as a wallpaper now :)
Thanks guys!! And I have that picture set as my desk top also. Just remember we are on the honor system here guys I sell these photos so don't pass them around please! I feel safe here!! LOL :D Motor Jax I am so sorry you had the same experience as me life really sucks at times!! :x
What I find interesting about my friend passing away is how everybody was willing to get ahold of me when he died but not untill. It seems funny that people can find you if they really want to but choose only to do so after it is too late. Funny how life works that way. Very interesting... ;)
got any other friends you wanna talk to? Give another old friend a heart attack, :)
Let me start off by saying, Unfortunately I have lost too many friends very close friends..In the last ten years i have lost 10 people who were very dear to me...Some who i loved more unconditionally than i will ever be able to love again. Just offering my condolences and an ear if you need to talk!

AND your photos are absolutely amazing! I could get lost in these! TFS!
LOL Actually I plan on it.. :twisted: J/k Thanks for the comments about the photos guys I like to hear what people like and dislike. I am sorry to hear that you have lost so many friends. It makes my troubles seem so small by comparison.