Mobile Phones (Nokia N95 vs Apple iPhone)

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Shai Gar

N95 is without doubt the best phone of the two. It has a better camera, unlimited storage space (I've got 4 x 8gb microsd cards), compared to a fixed space. My phone has a replaceable battery that I can go to the store to get a new one if mine fails - iPhone needs to go back to apple. My computer runs Linux and Windows and I've got great compatibility with both. iPhone doesn't send MMS, and you'd be surprised how often you actually do send pictures and videos when you've got a good camera. I also use my N95 for video calls with my mate while we're playing chess online, and he's been using his as a mobile webcamera linked to his laptop when he's out and about.

On the other hand, I do want to get an iphone, because from what I've seen they make great Mobile YouTube screens, and my N95 won't even play my videos from youtube. That's about it though...

What are your opinions? What's the best mobile phone on the market? Doesn't need to be one of these.
I got a N95 too and have no complaints. I don't use the navigation feature but am happy with everything else. I don't think I could use anything other than Nokia these days, yes I hate myself for having loyalty to a phone manufacturer cause I hate the things but I do find Nokia very user friendly.
I've not given them my loyalty, but i'm on a contract now, if that contract were to include upgrade to any phone I want, and something even better comes out...

However Nokia is one of those that makes a phone you can use.
looks like it'll be a smudgy piece of shit like the apple. What's it got that your old phone doesn't?
now i like nokia's, in fact all my phones have being nokia's (3210, 6210i,7650, 6600, 6630, n70, n95) and i was going to get a n96, untill i found out that the main feature( the tv receiver) is useless in the uk(its dvb-h, uk uses dvb-t) and the battary is the same as the n95, which is shockingly bad
and this new phone is a shiny new toy to play with, and in referance to the iphone, the omnia has 16gb internal storage plus room for sd cards, a removable battery, haptic touch screen(means it gives feedback when using the onscreen buttons), 5meg camera
now the omnia runs winmobile 6.1 and its my 1st winmobile phone people where saying before i got it, "oooh winmobile you don't want that, its shit is that"

But i've yet to have a problem with it, after about a hour of prodding i've got used to the interface, and i don't think i've yet to see the battery drop below 70%. plus its a damnsite more stable then my n95 ever was
then the only problem i would have with it is that it'd be a smudgy piece of shit, and i can't put a protective cover on it and use tactile functions.
I have a crystal cover on my N95 screen, it won't ever get scratched. What about the lack of tactile function?
I like my razor. I dont need all that on my phone, though they do look sweet.