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Jul 11, 2008
I was in a bit of a hurry going to the gym today and get a bit flustered and jumbled up when I'm like that.Anyway,rushing along and only about 30 feet from the gym entrance when I heard a MEOWW.This was no ordinary MEOWW.This was a 'please help me mister,I'm lost,cold and hungry miaow!'.Shit.I thought.Not again because this has happened before.Anyway walked over behind this bin and a four month old or so cat/kitten peered out.I've never seen such aliveness as in those eyes.Anyway,I thought it might be a wild one as there's plenty around but when I put my hand down it immediately came over.I rubbed it for a sec and then started walking back to the car and it started following me like a dog which was cool.I brought it back to my house and its now asleep on my spare bed,full of whiskers cat food! The last one I found was only about 4 weeks old and still needed to be bottle fed.After rescuing it ,I thought wtf have you done.I've no mothering skills and its next to impossible to find homes especially for someting that needs a lot of tlc.Anyway,I'm a firm believer in law of attraction and I went to the vets to get the milk supplement with a positive hope that she would know of someone who would take him.But she told me she didn't know of anybody.Cripes,I thought,cleaning cat shit for the next few months.Nice!Anyway,I was about to leave the vets and I was looking at the noticeboard which had 200 million adverts stuck to it but one stood out that said,'LONG-BLACK HAIRED KITTEN WANTED'.I couldn't believe it as this kitten was black and had LONG HAIR! I rang the lady in question and she said bring it up and when I got there she even had a very maternal dog which had brought up kittens before!Talk about landing on your feet!
Anyway,I've sent her a text to see if she'll take this one but I doubt it.Hes a cool cat though but there are wild cats out the back and I don't want him to get some disease and I can't take him crapping all over the place.He might even be house trained as he hasn't done anything YET and he/she seems very friendly and well handled.Any tips or thoughts on what to do and if I did keep it,how hard is it to housetrain one?

Btw.There are no houses near where I found him ,so I'm pretty sure he was abandoned..
cats are cool... i love cats...

it isn't hard to train them. just enclose them in the bathroom or something with a litter box.... unless you are home... they will naturally come to use it

i grew up raising kittens, used to have a whole yard full of them

or if the wanted poster txt'd you back, give it up... depends on what you want

me, i love cats so i wouldn't give up one so easily...

I did that once, my cat almost killed it... I think it was a territorial/jealousy thing. Do you have a back yard? Because when our cats were kittens, we trained them by putting them in the garden, and using their paws to dig up the dirt, use the hole as a toilet and bury it. We used to have a cat before that, and when she gave birth to a litter she'd train them the same way and that's how we learnt to train kittens. Unfortunately the cat I found didn't have anyone to go to, so I ended up having to give it to the RSPCA.
Thanks Shai.Anyone with half a brain,sorry heart would have done the same! He has awoken btw. Needy little ba*****!
I need a text.URGENTLY or can I email him/her to you Motorjax. Pleeasee...
marty44 said:
Thanks Shai.Anyone with half a brain,sorry heart would have done the same! He has awoken btw. Needy little ba*****!
I need a text.URGENTLY or can I email him/her to you Motorjax. Pleeasee...
I'd need your mobile number to text to you
mine is 0061450405543 text to that number, i'll accept. My cat is old enough to be paternal now.
The local animal welfare just took her in and assured me none of their 'rescues' get put down .
Considering that this is the second time it's happened....maybe the powers that be are telling you they want you to have a cat.
Possibly,but it also happened with a mongoose 'duckling' or whatever they're called ,a few months ago too.
I think they are just taking the p. Next one sees me give up the veggie diet!! :lol:
I was just wondering is there anyone that would have left it there today?And said its not my prob,let mother nature take its course? I don't think I could have.I also can't kill insects(unless I'm attacked) and if I stood on something intentionally I would feel bad inside.Not by a conscious choice,it would just feel like I'd done something wrong.I haven't always been this hypersensitive to little critters and it may come more from a spiritual path I am on rather than an INFJ tendancy although I think this personality type must be largely responsible as we're all big softies,aren't we?

*cue the monsters!*
Nah. I'm like that for the most part. The only exceptions are squirrels and rabbits.

My gardens have been routinely raided by those little menaces and so I am all for death and destruction to them. Growing up, I think I only got one corn crop because those little buggers knew to the moment when the corn was ripe. And then they'd leave the nibbled clean ears around for me to find later. I declared war on the squirrels after that.

Then last year the rabbits ate my lettuce crop, my beans, the snow peas, the spinach, carrots, and almost did in the green peppers.

Death to the squirrels and rabbits I say......


I sayz~

Go survive by eating someone elses garden!