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Make a new religion


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Feb 7, 2009
Being that I am always trying to improve on the old way I sometimes catch myself daydreaming about formulating my own religion. So far my ideas are mixing and matching various religions and adding some of my own ideas. On top of that they are pretty vague, here is what I got.

1) People of this religion should take of there body not eat meat more then once a week unless they are young children, are pregnant, or have some other health reason.

2) I would design a transitional ceremony for the various stages of life and at the practitioners request.

3) The practitioner should take time to communicate with nature and not hurt or harm things of the natural realm if they can avoid it.

4) People of this religion should give only the highest courtesy and respect to others and only the highest courtesy to them selves.

5) Practitoners should pursue honesty above all things with themselves and others.

6) They should practice some form of prayer daily. This can take the form of meditation, yoga, communicating with nature, christian prayer or anything else that serves to eliminate the conscious self.

I you could create your own religion what would it look like? What rules and procedures would you have? Any ideas on how I can improve on the above ideas or organize them?

I don't mean to offend it is just a though excerisise :m168:
1) Must worship turtles especially the ones who is named Kurt, Naxx or Lucifer.

2) Must have balloons in hand at all times preferably red balloons.

3) Must not talk bad of the castle cities in the skies buried in the clouds.

4) Must believe that the castle cities exist.

5) Must have 50 balloons of any color and 1 special red balloon to gain passage to the holy lands (castle cloud city).

6) Special red balloon can only be given by dockturnaxxtheflyingtuttlewithredballoonPHDWMD.

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If I created a religion it would be very simple, with only 1 rule: Believe in God. Whatever your conception of God is, that is fine, but you must believe in something other than yourself and the empirical laws of science. There would be no restrictions on what to wear, what to eat, relationships, or anything like that.