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Jan 11, 2009
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.. The tv show.
Let's talk about it.

Who are your favorite characters and why?

I'm still watching season 1 on Netflix (not much of a tv person..)

I am enthralled by the Charlie/Claire dynamic...

One of the most vulnerable characters is paired up and protected by one of the *seemingly* most useless characters, Charlie the junkie.

And I would marry John Locke.
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But but you just started watching it...I don't wanna mess it up for you!
I don't care.
I've already went on the internet and read about other seasons..
I already knew what that shadow monster thing was after the second episode and I'm still watching it.
Well my favorite characters are John Locke and Hurley. My favorite episodes are Some like it Hoth and Tricia Tanaka Is Dead where Hurley gets Jinn, Charlie, and Sawyer to help him fix up the old VW Bus that Benjamin Linus's father died in...they drink 30 something year old beer and drive around in a field having a blast listening to the old eight track blaring Shambala by Three Dog Night.

I would have really dug being stranded on that island. I think I could have given the Others a run for their money.
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I have never seen an episode, but after Watching the whole series of "Alias" on DVD, I'm guessing tha JJ Abrams probably did a good job on lost.

Given that I liked "Alias" by the same director, do you think it is worth my while getting the whole series of "Lost" on DVD and watching it?
I'd recommend getting netflix and trying it out first, but you aussies have very strange internet rules....you might end up being better off just straightup buying the DVD's.

Buy season 1 first, and if it hooks you then you'll likely want the rest too. I love the series, but my tastes aren't always in line with everyone elses.

I never watched Alias...now I'm curious if I should watch that lmao.
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The best thing ever done on TV, ie. LOST

I really don't want to ruin it for you, but if you are a true Lostie, like me, it won't matter. I could (and did) read tons of spoilers and still enjoy the show later.

My favorite characters were Ben and Sayid. I think Michael Emerson is the most brilliant actor I've ever seen. You probably don't know who Ben is yet, but you will. Boy, will you ever!

The character I am most like is Jack. I always want to jump right in and fix everything, I naturally end up running any group I join, and I am super responsible. I did not think these were bad traits, until I saw so many people on the fan sites bashing Jack for these things.

Here's a little teaser: Your favorite cocky Sawyer will undergo a major transformation later on (season 5).

Lost just won Best TV Show at the Saturn awards, and Josh Holloway also won best actor on TV for his role as Sawyer.

I am an old lady, but I think Josh Holloway is the most beautiful man I've ever seen. He can almost get my old hormones fired up again. I also think Evangeline Lily is breathtakingly beautiful, and I have no gay tendencies. I like the natural look and she doesn't need to put it on with a trowel to look great.

My memory as to time sequences sucks, but I believe you will meet the cocky female I referred to in season 2, if I remember correctly. Skathac, please correct me if that is wrong.


P.S. Most people I know who loved Lost share Skathac's opinion that Locke and Hurley are their favorite characters. Hurley is supposed to be the voice of the audience.
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I love the show. I am still sad it's over. Locke is my fav with Hurley and Ben being tied for second.